Defence estates, dhe & hic - a personal war

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by Thomothehun, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Good Evening Arrser's,

    Basicall I am starting this thread to gather evidence of the shite we have to put up with from DHE the HIC's for Service Family Accommodation. I want to gather enough evidence to E.mail to Mr Cameron, so as the ***** who have the contract, which is up for re-newal this year do not ever get a Military contract ever again.

    Now you may ask why (see attached) I am recently married age 35 so not a child as is not my new wife. We have due to marriage and then promotion been required to move twice in 4 months, not a problem , however as we are based in London, we did not have the luxury of a viewing of both of the houses we moved into prior to the march in date, basically like it or lump it, if it is a hole then you can refuse but are homeless until they find somewhere else. Why can we not view the house prior, I was told they are under manned, not my ******* problem either. When I asked if I could sign out the keys to see it they also said no due to H & S reasons!

    Okay the first house wasn't THAT bad apart from it had been abandonded by the previous owner who decided to **** over her Ex Hubby and wreck the joint as a **** you and goodbye gift for his infidelity. Had DHE checked it prior to march in... NO they hadn't. This women was one angry ******, and had caused ALOT of damage!

    They managed to make it bearly habitable in time for the Wife and Step kids to come down, much to my relief as they had given up a nice home, schools and jobs with the promise of a better life, so not a great start.

    4 months on and again had to move, not that far to South London, again no viewing. Turns up to the house to see a smashed window, and the weeds in the back garden were above head height. 20 minutes after I was due to take over still no housing officer. 1 x call and someone turns up 30 mins later, I also point out that again due to under manning I had to drive at 6am across London, the same time my removals were being loaded at the old Qtr.

    I digress, the HO turns up, opens the door and allows me to come in, on first sight the carpets were ancient, unhoovered, stained to hell, I aint that fussy but these were bad. The HO took one look at my face and said, " We did not know this SFA was being handed out, I only found out this morning" . As I went round the house, it got worse:

    The cooker was un connected
    There was no carpet in one of the bed-rooms
    The house had not been cleaned at all
    Marks all over the wall
    The garage had and old sofa and all sorts of crap in it.
    The bins were full and had not been cleaned.
    The garden had all sorts of shit in it , including chairs with 3 legs.

    I could go on and on and on but I won't,

    All I want is for you, if you have suffered under these people to post you experince on here, I wont be biased, good or bad, so that I can print and send to Mr Cameron when it gets large enough (hopefully). So that he can see for himself that despite what the Red Tabs and the old boy network says, WE are getting the shaft.

    I do not usually complain but I now have a personal score to settle with DE or whatever they call themselves as I am sick of complaining, ringing the HIC etc etc etc I am now exhausted and look to fellow ARRSErs to gather strength to my cause.

    I hope you can assist.
  2. Problems I've had in the past would take all night to relate. Suffice to say I purchased my own house, relocated my family and I'm in SSSA with GYH. Even with a crack habit I can't spend all my money. Cheers easy.
  3. Had the same when I moved to London a couple of years back. Woolwich Common,
    Garages doors ripped off weeds growing out of the pavement three foot grass front and back and the house next door all boarded up because of an arson attack. Perfect houses on another estate but HIC refused to rent them out. Had to commute between Bournemouth and London for two months until they finally backed down and gave us a house there.
    The house Im in now Cant change the light bulbs as the fitting isnt fitted to the ceiling. I have a storage cupboard that used to be a fridge in the 1920s. I asked for a vent to be fitted for our tumble dryer and was refused because if we have one then (Everyone will want one) The actual wording from Modern housing. Fire alarm went off in the empty house next door over last christmas and Modern housing refused to come round to turn it off (Asked us to look through the letterbox to see if it was on fire) Windows dont shut properly.

    I cant really complain as I only pay 60 quid a month for it though!
  4. good luck, hope you get somewhere, the singlies accommadation for my boys is just as bad, the contractors like to show of there SLAM on camp, but then never show where the guys who cannot go into the SLAM as there are not enough spaces for them. There accom is diabolical.

    Some of the quarters I have been in have been awful, however Mrs A made a go of it. Then DHE turned up and life was hell, tryong to get anything done was a nightmare. I work unaccompanied and had to rush to my quarter as workmen were booked in to remove asbestos. I had a phonecall a day prior, so had to drive for four hrs, remove most of furniture of the walls then spent two days waiting for them to come and do the job. My wife was away studying and I had to dump Deefer onto my parents to look after.

    We have since moved out and got a place of our own.

    DHE are the worst contractors ever,
  5. I know what you mean about not being able to see inside the quarter beforehand. Very annoying. I've had a choice of 6 houses for my next post, I was however able to get there and have a look around outside them. Unfortunately the curtains were closed on pretty much all of them - including the one we went for in the end. I'm not sure what the outcome will be - I could let you know in about 2 weeks time. I suppose I'm lucky enough to have had some sort of choice though.

    That said all said, the HIC (Thetford office) have been very good so far, so no complaints there.
  6. I moved into a freshly renovated quarter in dec.
    Talk about lowest bidder!
    As we were moving in the wall/ ceiling joints were cracking- it's ok says housing bloke, it's just settling.
    As we were having a brew, 6ft crack appears in wall, it's ok it's cosmetic,
    You've got phone points & tv points in every room- well they aren't connected- no thats down to you, it's what disturbance is for
    Carpets lift when hoovering, wife and son have both had cut feet from carpet tracks on stairs, rang mhs, we'll get the contractors to sort it out- 3 mth on still no result, and my son put a 2cm gash in his knee.
    Still could be worse, I could live at pirbright!
  7. With due respects to all; why not photograph/cam cord your quarters etc for evidence etc and if any accident injury put it in the dhe h&s work book (as it is their asset they have to maintain a register in exactly the same way as a SLA) along with photographic evidence and if nothing done then there are plenty of where there is blame there is a claim firms out there.

    Just a quick question. Armadillo why are you in a quarter with asbestos?

    Night all.......
  8. Thanks for the replies so far, keep em coming.

    @ Hairyhandbag: Mate I have taken pictures and shall be ringing in the jobs to be done when I get back to work next week. I will be interested to see, as I am not going to kepp pushing them, how much have been done by the time I leave here in 2 years. I am hoping the HO on the handover tries to blame us for the damage, where I shall produce the pictures and complaints letter and stuff them down his throat, or maybe not but you get my point.
  9. We marched into our quarter (a few years back now) and were hit by the smell of damp. Apparently it was nothing to worry about, the house just hadn't been lived in for a few months. We questioned the massive cracks running all the way up the walls on the inside and outside of the house but apparently that's normal. After 3 months and watching the cracks get larger (both inside and out) and having to wipe mould off the kids toys and virtually having to wear wellies in one room due to the damp seeping through the floor, I dragged MHS out of their hidey-hole to come and have a proper look. To be fair to them, they did their best. The damp proof had cracked and the whole concrete floor would have to come up to replace it. They'd also have to re-point the entire rear of the property. They put through a request to DE to get it squared away and were promptly told to shove it because it was too expensive. After 18 months they finally offered us a move to another quarter on the patch at our expense. We were just about to move overseas so with just over 3 months to push it really didn't seem worth the grief.

    In the same quarter we had a leaking gas fire. That took another 6 months to convince them that we were going to be gassed if we ever switched the bugger on. Considering the house was cold and damp we needed it to try and dry the place out in the winter. MHS finally tipped up and replaced it with a considerably smaller fire. No problem in itself. However, the new fire left a gaping hole into the old open fireplace which they 'fixed' by using black nasty. Classy!

    I don't want to even try to count the number of times I've watched the MHS contractors arrive at the house, sit out in their van reading The Scum for 10 minutes then sprint up to the front door, shove a 'missed appointment' card through the door and then bugger off.
  10. hairyhandbag, was in a quarter with asbestos, past tense.
  11. We moved into this SFA as 1st occupants. Middle of a building site no finished roads. Woman from HIC Warminster went on and on about how lucky we were to get this house as it had lined curtains in every room, needless to say I told her that we weren't that lucky as the house was over 15 miles from husbands place of work.
    It is a D house, 4 beds although bedroom 4 is really a study according to the Persimmon brief. 2 years on and the house has "settlement" cracks in every room, the stairs have shifted exposing a 10cm gap, the carpet has shrunk in the lounge, and the turf hasn't taken at all!
    Thankfully its not MHS who are responsible for the maintaining of this place. I'm looking forward to handing this quarter back.
  12. Agreed. Bunch of TW@Ts.
  13. So glad that I'm not the only one this happens to - I put in a complaint but nothing will get done about it.
  14. bbc rogue traders floating an idea
  15. We had an appointment for Modern Housing to come round for one thing or another (the list is endless), they didnt turn up so I put in a written complaint, got a reply that was a bag of shit, in place of where the date should be was 6 X's, on the line that should have had the subject heading on, there was just a shed load of X's, where my name should have been? yep loads of X's.
    It was the standard letter for replying to a complaint that they hadnt even bothered their arse to remove the X's and insert the infomation!

    More recently I contacted DHE about the possibility of a birds nest in the chimney, they sent a teenager round who stood outside the house, I asked what he was going to do? his reply was 'nothing', H&S prevented him from going up on the roof to look down the chimney and he wasnt allowed to stick anything up the chimney in case there was a birds nest and he'd get done if he dislodged it because the type of birds that nest in chimneys are protected! So he asked me to sign his little electronic thing to say that he'd been.

    The wall around my front door is crumbling and the whole door frame and wall moves when you open and close the door, DHE wont replace it until I move out and they cant relocate us because there arent any spare houses!

    the list is endless.