Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RamRamHajur, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. When one does not accept the offer of Service Families Accommodation (SFA) for personal reasons, one will be placed on the waiting list. Trying to get in touch with DE allocations is a nightmare and when you eventually do there is no way one can get what we want as they cannot give the details of quarters available in your area. Eventually you will be allocated ten miles away from work when you know the next door to your mates are empty quarters.

    I hope DE allocatioins will give us to choose the quarters available to where we have requested and not leave it to them to allocate one which is ten miles away.

    Does anyone face the same problem ?
  2. Unlikely if you turn their initial offer down, depends on your reasons, the notice you were able to give andwhether they are having a good day!
  3. No, you must be mistaken. This letter from the DE Chief Executive, Admiral Dunt, says it's all in the process of being sorted, and that was 6 months ago, so it must be sorted by now. And the government would hardly employ someone who has no experience of SFA, and ask him to deliver something that was impossible because the whole thing was under-funded, now would they?

    If you decide to write and complain to Admiral Dunt please, please, address the letter to his office and write 'Dear Occupant' at the start. It will be a small and insignificant insult to him, but it would cheer me (and thousands of my fellow 'occupants' enormously. Just how many times do they need to be told I live here? Half-wits, the lot of them, and I'm only taking about the senior management of this farce.

  4. What an excellent example of our caring CoC and the military covenant