Defence EOD Operator Pay

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Driverman11, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know how much this is a day for the old Joint Service level?
    Also what are the other rates of pay for IEDD? HT etc now?
  2. Well is was going to be around £50k (taxed) for the HT package, however if the Telegraph article last night is anything to go by it will be a pat on the back and "Greatful thanks of the nation etc...!" (and maybe a new badge?)
  3. "Use the search facility!!" "Read previous threads on this!!" " Ask your chain of command!!"

    Ive noticed that these are the usual type of replies from ARRSE royalty when a poster asks a fairly innocent and genuine question such as this.

    But it wont be in this case however as its to do with the magic letters E, O and D

  4. you got a link for that? Do u know the current JS Rate of pay?
  5. Maybe the one in my avatar :)

  6. Imbiber, don't be bitter, come and do the course - open to all now, read Soldier mag.
  7. K13 - nah, thats gopping.
  8. The badge or every one being divorced? :)
  9. Does anyone know the answer to this thread? also heard two rumours that either its getting doubled in April or binned altogether?!?
  10. And another shining example of why it's time to go!

    Good luck all the Ammo Techs out there, you are now at the bottom of the food chain. Defences main effort is to get all these Defence EOD Ops on their courses because that's what they signed up to!

    AT's will now be last to get loaded on and in 4 years time none of you will be qualified to take over as Tp WOs! Then what happens?

    Good luck and thanks for all the fish!
  11. Come over to the Dark Side ... the commercial sector knows your worth!
  12. TWU - AT's will get their qualification by doing the Def EOD Op course and eventually the Advanced course. That is why there has been funding to increase the number of training places available which will accommodate the increase in requirement. My understanding is that AT's will not be the last to get loaded.

    edited because I am an IT mong
  13. The problem is though getting ATs on the magic saviour of the world Def EOD Op course in the first place! My other point is that you/I (not for long!) have a duty of care to the out of trade pure DEOPS to push them through because that is what they signed for.

    The last few course loading lists proove that ATs are no longer the priority. We have Jnr Sgts who are just going to have to sit there and wait while everyone comes across thinking that getting £50k (£26K after tax!) is a piece of cake.

    K13EOD PM sent.
  14. I think you can take it as a 'no'.

    Thinking back to briefing regarding aspects of the 'Joint' course, I was on not very long ago and given the results as briefed by a very well known ATO it doesn't look like it will be a concern anyway.
  15. Should you be nuts enough to do it, you will get around £16 extra per day. Plus a £5000 golden hello. I'm applying too.