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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Active_Edge_841, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody out there used the D.E.L.C. recently. I've been laid up for a while after a motorcycle accident & I really need to stimulate my grey matter...............what is left of it that is.

    I cannot get into a DELC, so all that is available to me at present is what can be accessed online.

    I am therefore thinking of wading through some of the online e-ditions, someone out there must have had a bash, are they worth it?

    Cheers in advance.

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  3. I've done a couple. They're quite good for giving you a general awareness for whatever you're doing but I wouldn't use the certificates to wipe my arse. They're certainly better than sitting on your arse and doing nothing!
  4. Get in contact with local Army Learning Centre via your AEC by phone and they will probably sort you out.

    ECDL would be a good one to start with. For non-ALC based thing try 'EBAM' on-line degree in Business and Management.
  5. I have spoken to a delightful young lady at the DELC Support Centre, I will be up & running in a few days.
  6. we have access to pc courses here in the sandpit but apparently the courses arent worth the paper they are printed on so whats the point.

    we have been told the course is worth doing anyway even if there isnt a recognised certificate at the end of it. But is it when you dont get anything worthwhile at the end of it?
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  7. Anyone in the know care to elaborate on fusilier50's views about these courses not being worth the paper that they're written on?

    I am embarking on the e-ditions because I cannot physically do anything else due to serious injuries. I am not particularly interested in the strength of a piece of paper at the end of an online course.

    However if someone completed a course because their aim was to gain certification in a particular field, then finding out later that their certificate had no value................................... :oops:
  8. Any time I assess this sort of material for my own use I'm asking my self "Will I genuinely gain a new skill or enhance an existing one". Qualifications as a result of short courses are entirely secondary.

    Phone one of the numbers, get a login, and do a course. It's a bit shit at the moment with not much on there, but you will have to get a login soon to do your JPA training anyway. ;)
  10. I've just been in touch with the DCSA, you cannot register on the internet. However if I can drag my sorry body into work I can register on the intranet at: I will then be able to access the DLP at home on the internet.

    So I've gone from slouching in my wheelchair & staring at the wall, :yawn:

    to all of a sudden having something to do between the DLP & the DELC. 8O
  11. All the DELC courses are currently in the process of being moved onto the DLP, and the DELCs will then get fecked off. I'm not sure how many are on there at the moment though.
  12. I have recently contacted UK DELSC enquiring about the future of the DELC.

    The following in bold is part of an email that I've just received from the DELC Support Centre:

    The DLP has replaced the old Elearning portal and a lot more DELC courses have been listed onto the website.

    The DLP is only available through the MOD firewall and the DELC website can be accessed from anywhere in the world so there isn't any plans to take either offline.

    It looks like the DELC is going to plod on for a while yet then. :wink: