Defence Deja-vu

Saw this earlier this morning but time probs wouldn't allow me to post.

Is it me, or does Labour/Neu Arbeit have a teensie weensie problem with grasping reality.
You can not run down British Defence industry base and expect to still have the capabilities expected.
They did the same thing in late 50's and TSR2 amongst other projects was cancelled, Hawker almost went belly up and only just made the Hunter.
The prevailing 'thinking' of the Govt at the time was missiles will be all we'll ever need, nice to know even us Brits don't and won't learn from past mistakes.


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Either John Reid is an anagram of 'utter cnut' or 'spineless lakey of Bliar/Broon,' I'm not sure which.
Hang on, hang on. Am I missing something here (quite likley I know)

BBC said:
In future the government will expect manufacturers to focus on hi-tech weapons, but basic items such as ships' hulls could be built abroad, he added.
Followed by, one paragraph later:

BBC said:
Investment in guided weapons will also be cut by 40% over five years.
now Call me Mr thicky, but isn't a Guided weapon, also a high tech one?
Perhaps they mean Bayonets when they say guided weapons?

Oh , than that should read "Infantry spending to be cut by 40%"


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