Defence cuts -time for action?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HantsTiger, May 13, 2004.

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  1. The OTC/Cadets - why are we paying people who won't join the army anyway?

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  2. No cuts needed - just intelligent selection of equipment/contracts

  3. Stamp out wastage - not used all of the 10 man ration packs? oh well ive signed for them so ill bin

  4. Careers - Do we really need to be handing out DVDs/CD Roms/Videos to anyone who wants them?

  5. The TA -large numbers who do the bare minimum of training to get bounty and reward those who put in

  6. Again, no cuts, but stop flogging serviceable kit to civvies when its needed

  7. All of the above

  1. Has anybody here written to any MPs/newspapers about these new defence cuts? Seeing how high a profile ARRSE has had in the news recently, perhaps the chances of our concerns getting the heads up from somebody on this issue are much higher if somebody writes.
  2. I wonder just where the redirected savings will go exactly? The govt know that hardly any member of the armed services vote, so they've nothing to lose at the ballot box by forcing all servicement to live in cardboard boxes and eat snot.

    if you go here

    Look up the post called WARNING ORDER. then after, read all the press articles on the subject, read the Parliamentary questions and answers you will see how it should be done.
    The abuse of this system to save on soldiers pensions was stopped as soon as it was exposed. It "was" used and abused on the orders to save and slash costs to the MOD(ARMY) budged (we have the fax :lol: ) .
    some years ago politicians Press alike did not know what this system was about or that it even existed during a time when HOON was making excuses for undermanning in the forces. now its called controversial, sh=t we even got Hoon to admit one or two things was not right with the policy. why would you stop a policy when exposed if it was all above board?

    Some months ago the little imps attempted to restart it but we found out. so they backed off again. They will try again, but we will be waiting.

    So why im i rambling, for this reason. This policy was just one small example of cost cutting, the evidence was found a plan formulated and then acted on. and so far we are winning.
    If you want to be heard sometimes you have to shout just that little bit louder hopping the press will catch your post or a politision will respond may not be as loud, use both them and their egos and it works very well.

    i hope SilsoeSid comes in on this one :twisted: would love to rip him apart
  4. At this time in the Military scheme of things, cut backs are definetly not required! This is the start of a vicious circle, cutbacks, undermanning, overstertch leading to more tours (Christ, I'm looking at third tour in Iraq!), low morale, high PVR/signing off rate and there we are back to undermanning etc!

    To break this cycle, something needs to be done and cutbacks are definetly not it!

    But hey, what the hell do I know! I'm a lowly OR who knows bog all! :evil: