defence cuts/privitisation

:twisted: In the current political thinking of new labour(old conservatism)the forces are being put up for private tender!! A consortium hadd by stellios has put in a bid for the Raf! :p P&o stena line are looking at the navy,and the army is gonna be asset stripped but not straight away!Multiplex (the new wembley fiasco)have shown an interest in the Re&Reme,hovis, kellogs and little chef wanna buy Andy capps commando`s,virgin/ntl have shown an interest in the scalyback`s.Ken dodd`s accountants are looking at the pay corps 8O and mothercare at the education corps.And eddie stobart will be acquiring the logistics corps 8O :lol: The taliban are to be invited to have formal discussions about defence with martin mcguiness next week, gordon brown (bless him)can`t make it he`s on holiday!! :twisted: :x

Stand still, wait for it !

Remember OP Sec, you can't go around giving away the MOD's inner most secret plans, you'll have the thought Police on your door step by lunchtime :)

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