Defence Cuts - It was our fault then

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by StudentGrant, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. Whilst reading the Sunday Times (awaiting the Rugby) I came across this article.

    It appears that the cost of TELIC will be used as part of the justification for defence cuts.

    Is it just me or is it a bit perverse that the Goverment sends us to war and then uses its cost to get rid of planes, ships (frigates, not sure if they count as boats or ships, some thing about above or below water anyway) and two infantry battalions.

    Lets just hope the Top Brass get Tony on a good day....

  2. You can see their point - we can't all join the Infantry: someone has to count beans...
  3. of course it was all the miliaries' fault politicans have nothing to do with starting wars. We've given the military lots of money to buy the kit they need and they waste it on fighting wars not our fault....... :eek:
  4. yes what are they doing fighting wars, they should be doin their real job, ie firefighting, slaughtering animals, airport security, not running around getting suntans!!!! :evil:
  5. Looks like the crabs are going to get a hammering

    ALL the Jaguars? So what are we using for close air now, just the Harriers I presume?

    6/7 RAF Bases to be closed , Nimrod MR4 cancelled (At long f*ing last, bottomless pit)

    We lose 2 infantry batallions.

    All in all, it's toss.

    But my dream of having a Jaguar in the back garden moves closer to fruition :)
  6. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    BBC news 24 at 2pm had Letwin saying that he intended to freeze the defence budget for a minimum of 2 years... That would be the same budget that is being slashed on an almost daily basis, has prevented the Army recruiting until the next tax year and has us begging borrowing or stealing decent kit form any other nation we deploy with. :evil:

    Joy unbounded.
  7. but dont worry, well still take on Syria, N. Korea or any other 'axis of evil' state thtat dubya takes a dislike to
  8. Bring back Maggie, at least she did'nt shaft us has often has the current set of muppets.... :evil:
  9. That's not what they said on that program about the Navy and the Falklands last night! Mind you that was the Navy.

    Thought they came out of it rather well actually.
  10. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    The Navy are supposed to lose Ark Royal are they not? That is pretty harsh.
  11. yep - with nothing to fill the capability gap...
  12. And the early mothballed T42s - Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool and the other one...

    With the demise of the Sea Harrier FA2 (admittedly with crap engines but with a beyond visual range missile capability) and the wait until the Type 45 enters service, this leaves us with a Fleet seriously lacking in organic air defence!

    Of course the Spams will help us out ....yeah right! They didn't help us in our own dodgy Middle East war Mk 1 ie Suez and even the French were arguably more helpful in the Falkands (I concede this may be a controversial point). Also, even if they did have the will, they are going through the same cuts process with low yield nukes as a sub-strategic force we really want to be in this sort of relationship, where Uncle Sam/Dr Strangelove will dispatch a tac nuke instead of a brigade?!?

    Lessons are often identified but rarely learned..... :twisted:
  13. To be fair to our friends across the pond, they actually offered us a full on Nuclear powered Carrier for the Falklands! Yup that's right. pretty nice of them.
  14. God bless America :p
  15. As usual the politicians will squeeze us tighter and tighter until we can shrink no further. My greatest fear is that the lesson will not be learnt until we fail horribly with a large number of casulties. Is the case of Sgt Roberts and his lack of body armour the first pointer towards a far greater tragedy? For all our sakes I sincerely hope not.