Defence cuts early 80's result = Falklands where is this Stramash going to lead us?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizmo17, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. With the axe falling all over the place seemingly following little logic or direction ( No deep sea maritime air capability but we need two Massive Carriers that we dont have Aircraft for!!!!) We got away with the falklands If were not carefull one day we will just simply have to back down in front of aggresion or will we?.
  2. The govt hasn't got the public scared enough to push defence up the agenda.
  3. ^After the last decade of enforcing costly US foreign policy I can't say I blame them too much
  4. It will be as it has always been.

    CUT, CUT, CUT, yeah cut that as well, were never going to need that are we ......ring! ring! "yeah whats up? OH ****! they did what? we need what when? ****!............... ok ok we can do this.

    This is not recent its been going on for the last 100 years. TBH I have a fiver says Bodecia a month before she trashed London said "yeah lads get them blades off the wheels, I have no idea what i was thinking I'm never going to need them"
  5. Noooo, not another Falklands based argument for avoiding defence cuts.

    MPA won't fall. Argentina don't have the capability to take it anymore, its as safe as Gibraltar from actual armed invasion.

    Can we please move on from 1982 now and think of some real, enduring tasks that cannot be argued against, instead of rehashing the past?
  6. Gibraltar looks favourite.

    Spain defaults on it's Euro loans/secedes from the EU as they can't pay and decide that the time has come to take Gib back.

    Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth and cries for held from all the Brits there and we really have to do something.

    Problem being that there is the squareroot of FA that we could do.
  7. I dunno Steve that seems a little far fetched to me.

    Their is that many Brits living there now they would have to deal with them first. Isn't their a town out there that a British bloke is the mayor of as all the other Spaniards got nicked for corruption.
  8. Of course is sounds far fetched. Have a google of the Matutes proposals and think just how many people though iwhat happend in 1982 to be far fetched beforehand?
  9. "Spain defaults on it's Euro loans/secedes from the EU as they can't pay and decide that the time has come to take Gib back"

    Why if Spains economy is in the toilet do they think that invading a tiny speck of rock would make a difference? How would invading Gib solve Spains problems?
  10. Old Political Solution: When there's trouble at home - go to war to deflect the attention of the proles!

    However I doubt it would work so well now, and certainly not in Spain without a long propaganda build up.

    If there was to be a 'Falklands' type situation it's going to come out of left field (Septic allusion there!) not from anywhere that we could possibly think of now. That's why the call them unexpected situations!!
  11. Suriname will invade Pitcairn. We need to send a man with a placard saying 'go away'.

    Well, it's more likely than another Falklands, or Spain invading Gibraltar.

  12. The point of the Falklands is that Defence cuts annouced the previous year had unintended and unexpected results. Something borne out by the events of the next 30 odd years. The cuts of the early 90's did not expect that we would deploy an understrength major unit to the Gulf, a move that completely gutted the whole of what had been BAOR as the supply situtation was so bad. No one expected the Balkans to spend pretty much the whole of 90's falling apart in civil war, resulting in probably the longest deployment in the Army's History. No expected to redeploy troops to the Gulf again and spend so long there, then fall that with a prelonged deployment to an old hunting ground.

    In short. Defence Planning for the last 30 odd years has largely been wishful thinking by MoD and Fantasy land planning by HM Government
  13. Well as we only have 14 places left to pick from it can't be all that unexpected :)

    Ok if not Gib and the Spaniards then how about an invasion of the BAT by Chile for all the oil that is supposed to be underneath?

  14. You mean something like this
  15. But they're scrapping Endurance again!

    The Argies will now take that as a go and invade the Falklands again!

    What's that you say? We've getting ourselves a new ice patrol ship?

    Yes, to be called HMS Protector.

    Well, that's that Falklands argument buried then.