Defence cuts could ground the Battle of Britain flight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_boy_syrup, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    From the Mail do we take it with a pinch of salt or is it a warning that nothing is safe?
    Are the RAF leaking this in an attempt to put a stop to it before it comes up in the cuts we are all expecting?

    The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight faces the axe as the Ministry of Defence attempts to close a £6billion hole in its finances.

    Senior RAF sources have warned that the flight could be cut on 'cost grounds' as the MoD is forced to make drastic savings in the next defence review.

    An RAF Wing Commander said: 'Under the defence review now being conducted, the display teams could be cut. This is part of a cost benefit analysis going on in all MoD departments

    'If the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was to continue to operate as it currently does, it is feared it would need to attract private finance.'
    The MoD has already made clear that the BBMF would not be allowed to be funded by private sponsorship or donations. Based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, it costs the RAF up to £3million a year to run

    The MoD has admitted that nothing has been ruled out of spending cuts for the financial year of 2011-12.
    One source said there could be 'no sacred cows' in the spending reviews - suggesting that other much-loved displays such as the Red Arrows could also be at risk.

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  2. Well all display teams are facing the same situation, at the end of the day and I would not decry the value of individual display teams - what in real terms does the BoB flight bring in terms of recruitment? We are short of money, more so than I dared to imagine would happen in my career. The priority has to be the front line (a loose term defining Operations) encompassing equipment and training backed up by recruitment. Unfortunately, those elements that are deemed not to be directly supporting the COE are not immediate priorities. I say this as a former display team member, I am sad to say.
  3. Hahaha I see the possible grounding of the Red Arrows has started early this year via the Daily Mail.

    It won't happen! :roll:
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Were does it stop though?
    The MOD haven't ruled anything out from spending cuts according to this piece in the Mail
    If we focus purely on the front line then we could argue that we don't need horses or Red Tunics and Bearskins outside Buck House
    £3 million in the big scheme of things isn't that much how much are the Lancaster,Spitfire and Hurricane worth in their own right ?
    Should the MOD flog them off?
  5. I can tell you - you would be surprised. Let us just say that budget meetings are the flavour of the month and every little expense is under scrutiny, to the absolute detail.
  6. But, in these days of financial uncertainty can we really afford to pay for the Battle of Flight, red arrows and all the other display units. Sad as it may be to see them go perhaps it is necessary.
  7. Never in the field of human conflict, has so much been owed by so many to so few.

    Does that phrase still mean anything today, it may just be a flight, but it's a lasting testamony to those few men.

    Does 3million really mean that much, considering the amount off money thats going to go towards Haiti in the coming days.

    Maybe i just fell in debt to those young men and personally i'd be quite happy for my taxes to keep those planes flying over the UK.
  8. Hear Hear!
    And how much do we send to India as foreign aid; for a country with nuclear weapons and a space program far in advance of ours?

  9. AGREED..
  10. Does £3million really mean that much?
    Try asking someone living under canvas for 6 months in Bastion or in one of the FOBs.

    It might be sad to see commemrative flights go but it is a matter of priorities. We haven't kept squadons of bren gun carriers and chuchill tanks going, so I'm afraid the hard choices may have to be made.

    As to the Red Arrows, I am afraid their recruiting role is a bit over-stated. On TV the other day they covered their tour to the USA - 9 aircaft, 49 support staff, nice trip, numerous airshows, nett recruitment?
  11. How much will be saved by those Old and Bold senior flying Officers who were pilots and are now 'flying" desks BUT who insist in getting time in the Typhoon et all to keep their ticket current?

    Waste of cash as if "The type of War started where "they" would need to stand and be counted" well we would not have the aircraft to let them.

    Total waste of cash- Bit like the last low flying ex out in Oman for the Jag pilots the month before the aircraft was chopped only cost a few million and a total waste of time. IMHO
  12. I thought their was an argument that the Reds and the BoBMF generated income by appearing at displays etc?
  13. 'then we could argue that we don't need horses' - they are already arguing that such 'tourist attractions' should be financed by whatever department deals with tourism. As was mentioned in the article, 3 million is peanuts compared to the bonuses showered on the MoD civvies last year.
  14. Aren’t the Reds mooted as a savings measure in every spending round, in the belief that no politician will have the courage to actually bin them?

  15. Better to ground a"public duties" type unit than Chinooks that troops require to save lifes in Afghanistan!