Defence Cuts - Civilianise NRPS

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by paywog, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Any one else spotted the smallprint - how the MOD is going to achive 8% cuts, seems to be the perfect opportunity the powers that be have been waiting for, although how many troops this will free up for front line service I am unsure (possibly 0!!) In bold below are the two suggestions that are being implemented from the options put forward by MOD staff as to how to achive savings:

    The Department will manage these reductions by:

    · reducing or deleting older or non-essential capabilities such as Harrier jets, Nimrod MRA4 maritime patrol aircraft and four Frigates;

    · reductions of around 17,000 Service and 25,000 civilian personnel as set out in the SDSR;

    · rationalising the defence estate including the sale of surplus land and buildings, likely to generate running cost savings across the estate of up to £350 million per year by 2014-15;

    · selling telecommunications spectrum and corporate assets (including the Defence Support Group and the Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre), likely to raise in excess of £500 million over the Spending Review period;

    · efficiencies and improvements in military training, including the use of estate for training and supporting infrastructure;

    · savings from contract re-negotiations with the Defence industry;

    · annual savings of over £300 million per year by 2014-15 from civilian and military allowances;

    · reductions in commodity spend;

    · implementing the successor deterrent Value for Money review.

    In addition to the above, the Department will be adopting the following ideas, suggested through the Spending Challenge process:

    * civilianise Army Non-Regular Permanent Staff posts (NRPS) that do not need to be filled by military personnel freeing up servicemen and women for frontline roles.

    * saving electricity from reducing unnecessary lighting across the Defence Estate

    The Department will also deliver the capability priorities as agreed in the SDSR:

    · new helicopters, strategic airlift, new armoured vehicles, and enhanced Special Forces capabilities;

    · fleets of new hunter-killer submarines and multi-role destroyers;

    · two new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers;

    · new fifth generation Joint Strike Fighters to complement the already world-beating Typhoon; and

    · a contribution to a cross-government programme to meet increasing cyber threats.

    Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox said:

    “The SDSR has reshaped our Armed Forces to tackle future and emerging threats. We now also know how much money we will have to carry out the vital job of protecting Britain’s national security. This will enable us to bring defence policy, plans, commitments and resources into balance so that we can emerge with a coherent and affordable defence programme for the future.”
  2. Some places are already into reducing the lighting, at RTC 15 Bde there were only about 5 streetlights on in the whole camp, well it seemed like there were.
  3. Thats interesting... NRPS is already dead. Any posts coming up for renewal are to be FTRS (HC). The bit about freeing up manpower for the front-line is even more laughable - NRPS are non deployable ! I suppose the plan will be to offer the posts as MSF instead ?

    I can see the lighting bit tho - vast acreages of perimeter fence and car-parks lit up for no good reason on a number of bases I can think of. Issue the MPGS with NVG !
  4. Oh good, no more training nights, weekends, **** camps and CNO duties. Bring it on (for the same pay obviously)...
  5. If the lights are turned off does that mean no one is home. I appreciate that caretakers need to keep the leccy bill down, however why is it the heating is always on full blast. If a tac is only used for 8- golf course opens weekdays, why cant the boiler be turned down just enough to prvent pipes freezing>bursting. Granted caretakers houses are either flats built in or they live elsewhere.

    The outgoing Bde Cmdr wanted grass cut, with lack of funds it grew for 9ish weeks, before a day's wage was spent to mow the lawn.
  6. "" * civilianise Army Non-Regular Permanent Staff posts (NRPS) that do not need to be filled by military personnel freeing up servicemen and women for frontline roles. "

    "" Thats interesting... NRPS is already dead. Any posts coming up for renewal are to be FTRS (HC) "
    Who knows, maybe this decision is being reversed?

    Could possibly work for the PSAO posts, but unlikely to work for majority of other NRPS posts.
  7. Civilianising NRPS posts can only put more troops in frontline roles if they re-allocate the PIDs back to the regular army; putting civilians into what were previously NRPS posts will achive diddly squat. Removing PSIs and posting them back to the regular army however would achieve the aim.

    Removing NRPS is not necessarily a bad idea if you have good civilian staff like we have in the unit I'm with, as they can, and often do, pick up the extra work when NRPS are sick/on leave/on exercise/on course or just too bone idle or can't/won't do their job properly.
  8. NRPS posts disappearing has been on the cards now for a couple of years now so its nothing new, however I heard they wern't renewing positions as they came up not making them redundant.
  9. Powers that be have been doing their damnedest to get rid for some time, hence NRPS 05 followed by with FTRS(HC). They were really hacked off that they couldn't touch NRPS 75 - this is obviously the answer!!
  10. Things are very different in my Unit - not wanting to blow my own trumpet but if it wasn't for the NRPS the unit would collapse! Majority of the Regs are always on final tours and only interested in No 1, very few of the civilian staff have relevant Mil experience.

  11. PW, you slightly misunderstand me as I didn't differentiate between the NRPS & PSIs. The civ staff in my current location are great, often covering for the NRPS who (with the odd exception) do a sterling job. The NRPS are also what holds our unit together, but they seldom get the recognition they earn or deserve.

    As for PSIs, RLC always seem to post us their last tour people or those with problems such as health, welfare or those not able to be employed elsewhere. Our main cap badge does send us some very good PSIs, but an awful lot have done more than one tour with the TA.
  12. I can't see how I misunderstood your previous post - fairly clear to me!!
  13. Do you really think you would get your own job back? - The redeployment pool is about to become an ocean, they will get first dibs at all our jobs!! Things will soon then go to rat s$%t

    As per usual a really well thought out policy!

  14. Civilianised posts will pay a lot less.
    A lot of civvies run bigger stores, accounts, etc. and have much more responsibility than a TA NRPS CQMS, for a lot less money.
  15. Agreed that they would be paid less as civilans, probably about 30% or more less. But NRPS generally are doing duties of a military nature, that are done by military personnel in regular units. NRPS are cheaper than Regs, and their T&Cs are being being down graded.

    Civilianising these posts does not fit well with a TA that appears to be moving towards greater integration with the regulars.

    What next? PSIs paid as civilians if they are on their last tour?

    Regulars could be paid as civilians when in barracks, then uprated to military rates when on tour?

    These things could work and save money, but we would end up with an army that is a joke!