Defence cuts: Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to go

A passing comment on the BBC news review of the papers, referring to the defence cuts, to the effect that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight faces the axe.
If this is true perhaps the next thing will be to flog off HMS Victory to a timber merchant and demolish the Cenotaph for hardcore.
This Government and its bean-counters is virtually spitting on the graves of men who gave their lives for this country.
Let's see, they should be able to get about £7,000,000 for the Lancaster, £1,000,000 each for the five Spitfires (the MkII is the only true flying Bof B veteran) and two Hurricanes, about £250,00 for the Dakota and the two Chipmunks they use for tailwheel conversions, should go for £20,000 each... That's about half of what they're still spending just to keep the fcuking long forgotten and unlamented Millenium Dome in a state of disrepair.
Disrespect and dishonour seem to be the watchwords of this shower of sh*t that is in power now.., and they expect to get voted in again... Trouble is, it's just likely to happen because there isn't a credible opposition.
Time for the Services and Veterans Party to be formed. SIB are not invited.
Part Time Pongo... Comments?
Whilst extremely sad news (particularly for those of us formerly of a light blue persuasion), it comes as no surprise. The BBMF exists as a living tribute to the tens of thousands of aircrew who died in WW2. Goering's Luftwaffe could not defeat the Spitfire; what a terrible irony that the last of the few could now fall victim to a Broon 'n Hoon, spineless cretins who have never served and to whom honour and heritage are meaningless. I can only hope the story isn't true.

I wonder if the Lanc's last act could be a bombing run over Downing Street?

What next - King's Troop?
Very sad and disappointing news. I used to get wonderful views of the Flight when I lived near Biggin Hill and the air fair was on. The beautiful sound of those engines on a quiet summer afternoon - it would be scandalous to deny that pleasure to those veterans still with us.

What the options? I have little doubt that a private trust could easily be set up to keep the Flight in service. Or perhaps it could be displayed, at Duxford perhaps, for an admittance fee, as with HMS Victory.
You must remember that the BBMF, like the historic regiments existed before 1997 (or Year Zero as we will soon be told to call it). Therefore it is anathema to NuLab and Bliar because there is no way that they can claim credit.
Thus like everything else thay can get their stinking paws on, like the constitution or the legal system or whatever you like they must change it so that they can say "Look what we did". And that which they can't change, like jealous children, they will destroy so that it doesn't remind us that there was a time before them.

Small men, who long since lost their souls, acting big.


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Once again these traitors who have taken power and control of the country are showing their pink slip. 'You cannot subjugate a people who have a history,' so in true Sov style it becomes them to destroy it.

Face it lads, none of them, not one of these fcukers, gives a shite about you or me. They've shown that they can control when and where the Armed Forces are deployed, but when it comes to responsibility and accountability they'll run into the distance, throwing women, children and erstwhile 'friends' into their wake.

This is not a question of beancounting, it is a question of honour, an utterley meaningless word to these slimeballs who have been elected by the more feeble-minded of the population. I'll vote for anyone who can guarantee to get rid of Tony and his simpering minions

As Old Adam correctly says, this idea is spitting on the graves of those who had the balls to fight for freedom. And remember, while the present scumbags are content to spit on these brave men's graves, Prince Ewan (as he shall be known if all goes according Tony's Plan,) and his cronies will have no compunction against spitting on yours !

Get them out SOONEST by ANY means !
You're all looking at this the wrong way.

The Government, (If this is true) has just gone too far.

I saw the fantastic support , that some poxy Tin Triangle has received , just to try and get it back into the air again.

This is the BBMF we are talking about . There can be very few people who have ever seen this, who can remain unmoved.

I remember, just after the 60th Anniversary service of the BoB , there was a story told by Peter Brothers (I think) of standing outside St Clements Danes after the service.

As those old men stood outside, a Spitfire came belting down Whitehall , just to put a fitting end to the celebrations.

As Brothers watched, a 15 year old girl grabbed her friends arm excitedly and shouted "That's a Spitfire"

At that point , Brothers thought "It was worth it"

I have probably got the story entirely wrong, but some of you may know the real one.

The fact is, the Battle of Britain, and by default , the BBMF symbolise Britain at it's very best, with our backs to the wall. It is almost sacrosanct.

If Blair ever wanted to mobilise Public opinion, and worse still, legions of people with considerable financial and political clout against him, then he picked exactly the right target.

If you thought the nation was upset after the death of Diana, then you've seen nothing yet.

I hope the story is true, because if it is, the Labour Party will lose the next General election.




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PTP, I sincerely hope you're right.

I'd still love to see the back of Bliar & his mob though, or better yet their cold, glazed eyes staring unseeing skywards on News at Ten
Labours watch word 'Let we forget' as opposed to 'Lest we forget'.

I think it’s a ruse and truly do not believe the BBMF will be another casualty of this governments policy to cleanse our past. At least when the Nazis rewrote the history books in the literal sense, they were open enough to publicly burn all the books with offending views.

When can we see November the 5th (another part of our history) becoming Labours history book incineration ceremony (although a ceremony implies tradition so no doubt that too will be renamed).

The only way to call a halt to this erosion of our un PC, racially prejudiced, down dumbing, socially unpure and non line towing nation is to place a cross against any other party, regardless of their manifesto and policies. We can at least deal with their deficiencies later on. If the German nation had the power of palm reading, it may have prevented the obvious route that was taken then.

PS btw, getting back to the thread, one of the best thing I have seen in the aviaiton side of life was this weekend when I went head to head in a safe kind of way with the Lanc at 500'. She passed to my stbd side very close 'somewhere near Hampshire'. We both acknowledged each other in a very 'doffing cap' kind of way. Just wish I had me camera!
Just another reason to despise tony and his cronies.

Any part of the nations heritage is getting tilled in and flogged. The crown jewels will be up on the 'buck palace car boot sale' next

We'll be like the septics soon with no history and heritage, only the septics treasure what little they have, Tony just flushes it away

The man is a cnut...endex!
If this is true then its time to do something to rally support to get Labour out? my Brother cooks for the BBMF pilots and they did an airshow at Southend and stayed at my Dads hotel, we chatted with them until the small hours, and once i helped deck out 2 hanger at RAF Bruggen for the 75th anniversayry of 14(f) SQN and it culminated with a fly past by the spitfire, awsome display and the sound justs lifts your heart, with all the veterans of BoB there in tears.

Cant get rid, or will HMS BElfast go too? (oh thats right cant get rid of that as its visible to Bliar its on his door step and can see it daily)

Poxy cnuts the lot of them, tell you what, why dont we just take a couple of JCBs to the Somme and dig our boys up, that must save a few quid too in upkeep of graves? and whilst were at it, dig up the plot at Oosterbeck and San Carlos? think of all the lawnmower petrol labour will save - it is afterall very expensive stuff for some reason? Oh yes Labour is the reason Petrol is so Fcuking expensive.

Pack of Bsatards each and every one of them.

Time i think to make each and every potential PM do "colours" in the Army?

Much disgust

If as you say this comes to pass, we really need to stand up and make our voices heard.
Yes its easy to knock our other branch services, but we know its just fun, and when it all boils down ,we'll help each other.
Why doesn't Blair etc sell off Westminster, should get a few quid for the relic,after all , there's loads of unoccupied business space in London.It's not as if there's any historic , cultural or prestigious value to the building!
I'm truly disgusted by this, it'll take some foreigner half a second to buy all these aircraft and ship them out of the country, and Tony and his cronies will probably not even put up a fight to help keep them here.BUNCH OF LEFT WING WNAKERS!!!
I suppose the Lanc and Dakatoa can be used to drop aide to Sudan or someother leach of a country.sell the fighters to anyone who has the cash.

then spend the profits they make on the Royal opera house wardrobe again, some of it was looking shabby, so I heard :evil: or open the millenium dome for a day or don't forget the millenium Bug that struck down the country's electrical system :evil:

Maybe it's time to dispose of parliment altogether,and Tony can have his wish we can have congress in charge :evil:
Thinking about this I looked back to when I was a kid, The things I used to look forward to were the annual outing to the Aldershot Army Display at Rushmore, the Royal Tournament and the Biggin Hill Airshow – these were all known treats - a special treat was an unexpected flypast of the RAF Staff College by the BBF. The sound of the engines and what the BBF stands for will always stick in my mind.

Mana is a Maori word that roughly (but succinctly) translates to honour, respect, and integrity. A person with these qualities is said to have mana. Toenail B’Liar, his Politburo and all the snivelling, faceless bean counters have no mana! They are slowly but surely taking the Great out of Great Britain, a death by a thousand cuts. Montgomery had the right idea when he said that any one who votes Labour ought to be shot.
Doubt this is true at all.

More likely the owner is to become the Imperial War Museum, so that the flight can be funded by Lottery grants.
Most likely the owner will be one Paul Allen of ex-Microsoft fame. He has the Cash.

A Lanc is very much on his "I want one " list

As for the Spits, you can sell one maintained to the BBMF's standards in about 5 seconds flat, same with the Hurri.

I don't know if this is serious. Surely the Beloved Leader doesn't want to lose every seat in Lincolnshire?
Maybe they need the revenue to get some more comfy chairs for all the hard working civil servants! Or perhaps they want to get more votes by giving it all away to the poor underpriviliged parasites who can't be ARRSED to get a job.
The problem is that the Dear Leader and the Politburo of Platitudes think that they can do what they like, and get away with it. Bliar's blatant cronyism in the matter of the pansy Mandelson - ignoring not only Mandelson's abysmal record and his own backbenchers; his defiance in the face of the truth about WMDs in Iraq; his manipulation of various public enquiries; his attempts to change the Constitution, and now his backing of an overspending Chancellor bent on the destruction of HMF to benefit ludicrous PC schemes and prop up badly managed state enterprises like education and the NHS.

That such breathtaking arrogance comes from a government that launches endless 'initiatives' such as 'the Big Conversation', and then proceeds to give it the Big Ignoring should come as no surprise by now. Bliar, Broon and their immoral gang are on a roller-coaster of power. It is up to everyone to stop it by using their vote.

Whether or not private enterprise may be able to run BBMF is immaterial; it is a memorial, and should be maintained for the people by the state.
Whether or not private enterprise may be able to run BBMF is immaterial; it is a memorial, and should be maintained for the people by the state
Well said Viro.

If anyone is in any doubt about this viewpoint, can I recommend the following books?

"Bomber" Len Deighton . To my mind, (Even though it is fictional) the definitive book of Bomber Command Operations.

First Light - Geoffrey Wellum

"Fighter Boys" - Patrick Bishop

The Nuremberg Raid - Martin Middlebrook

Valiant Wings - Norman Franks . The story of the valiant sacrifice made by AASF Fairey Battle Crews in France 1940 . The Fairey Battle should be a BBMF aircraft (IMHO)

Fighter Pilot - Paul Richey.

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