defence cuts- arrse style

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. following on from a couple of threads and comments that have been noted on arrse heres afew items that in opinion (mine only) that the mod could save money on

    1. remove the elastic from desert helmet covers,
    2. remove the zip from combat 95 shirts
    3. remove the string from the waist on combat trousers, we all wear belts so why is it there??
    4. the drawcord in the centre of the combat jacket, get it off.
    5. dont sew the union jack badges on, they only have to be removed and resewn at greater cost to the unit, or get the problem sorted in the first place.

    these are just afew and are only uniform related but there must be thousands of modifications that could be done that would save a fortune.
    the money could then be put to more use where it is needed
  2. Rather than issuing tens of thousands of slightly wrong calibre ammunition so jamming weapons repeatedly and wearing them out ... issue hundreds of VERY wrong calibre rounds so that weapons only jam once and then require to be returned to an armourer which then may be returned back to stores where they will be safe from rough squaddies.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Don't shoot the targets. Huge savings to be made on paper patches and range glue.

  4. Remove handguards, dustcovers, pistolgrips, buttplates, cheek pads from sa80s to recycle plastics

    Remove boot polish from stores to save oil etc

    Remove cap badges to recycle staybrite aluminum

    Disband the RTR with the all new cost saving 'Skip Tank Brigade'

    Fig 1, The 1st Battalion STB lined up for the gulf
  5. pull troops out fire off tridents no middle east no security problems for a while .park them in the red sea and everyone will blame the israels :relax:
  6. Instead of sewing the TRF on the arm of shirts/jackets, sew it on the helmet cover. That way you only need one. If you're wearing a beret, you've already got a capbadge in it.

    Instead of procuring from clothing manufacturers, procure from surplus stores - let them have the hassle and cost of getting the kit made.
  7. Remove dryers and drying rooms and issue washing lines. (Energy Signature)

    Remove the middle eyelet on Asslt Boots.

    Burn down the silver shadow factory and let us wear our own PT kit

    This list could go on for years
  8. issue small folding blackboards and chalk instead of notebooks (save the trees)!
  9. Save on boots wear and tear, all parades to be done on a virtual basis roll call substituted by login and email.
    Save on breakfasts, just offer a beer crate delivered to the block in the morning.
    Save on ironing, uniforms can be pressed by sandwiching them between 2 boards under a matress overnight. This worked a treat in the POW camps I am told.
    Save on lectures, use the now familiar cbt format. training can now be absorbed at 3 in the morning if necessary.
    Save on road accidents, bin all driver training until deployed in theatre.
    Save on first aid training, teach euthanasia instead.
    The list is endless.
  10. Get rid of Eurofighter anyone :D
    Get rid of the top button on the CS95 shirt
    Take the raisins out the chocolate in the rat packs
    Use rechargable batteries
    revert back to the old cam cream in a tube (who needs a mirror for god sake, your not applying max factor :D )
    Stop buying fecking useless insect repellent ( the bugs love the stuff must be like cat nip)
    Badges? we dont need no stinking badges!
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Get rid of all hoofficers above Lt Col - what do they doooooo
  12. BAE Systems also manufacture Airborne deployable Dumpsters, Bottle/Clothes banks since they have a cheaper cost rate and are totally environmentally friendly :razz:

  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Quality manufactured in Norn Iron then!?
  14. Scrap all badges, rank and qualification. Scrap headress of all sorts less Helmets.
  15. Procure shoite kit so it is really cheap
    Ensure the boots are bad enough for the blokes to want to buy their own
    Don't get the best kit for the job - get the cheapest bidder
    Slash maintenance on all accommodation as it costs money
    Put all that money into quangoes and screwing up the NHS.