Defence cuts again?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by toady, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. From this morning's Telegraph:

    THE Armed Forces are facing the biggest cuts since the end of the Cold War in next week’s Government spending review.
    There was growing alarm at Westminster last night that all the Services will be scaled back as a result of plans to create a more flexible and rapidly deployable force structure. The Navy will have fewer destroyers and frigates; the Army will lose tanks and regiments will be axed or merged; and the RAF will lose thousands of personnel and some of its jets will be grounded.
    The MoD budget is already under strain because of the conflict in Iraq. It has lost out in the spending round to overseas aid and the domestic fight against terrorism. Nicholas Soames, the Conservative defence spokesman, said yesterday it would be an ‘‘act of almost grotesque folly’’ for the Government to cut the number of infantry regiments at a time when the Armed Forces were severely overstretched.
    He said there were now more troops on overseas operations than at any time since the 1950s.
    Mr Soames said there were likely to be ‘‘substantial cuts’’ in the RAF. ‘‘We are talking about losing fast jets and airfields.’’
    The Navy was facing reductions in manpower and ships because of a £1·5 billion ‘‘black hole’’ in the defence budget. ‘‘Labour’s failure will be taken out on the Armed Forces,’’ Mr Soames said.

    Cuts being reported again. No smoke without fire I fear.
  2. Never mind........we've still got the Combined Cadet Force.
  3. According to airforces monthly the support helecopter force will loose puma and seaking leaving only chinooks with the HC3's being fixed enougth to go into service at a cost of £127 million. The Merlins will replace RAF SAR seakings. in other articles the Jaguar & sea harrier will go without replacement and the new Airbus tanker project could be scrapped as its to expensive.
  4. Don't expect the detail of the cuts in the Spending Review announcement. The anouncement will be positive and will state that Defence will be restructured to meet new challenges. Emphasis will be on effect and not on numbers of personnel or platforms. In real terms spending on defence will increase slightly (cost of new technology).

    They will follow this up a few days later with details (level of detail unknown) of the chops to RN, Army & RAF platforms, personnel and stations.
  5. Hairy one,

    are you a paid up member of New Labour?????
  6. Its Just New Labour punnishing the armed forces for doing their job as ordered but it making Tony unpopular.
  7. Absolutely not. Opposite end of the political spectrum is usually where I exercise my franchise!
  8. The signals coming out of MoD are that details of who and what goes won't be spelled out until September. They need to ensure 11,000 bodies for emergency cover in case the fire brigades strike. Wouldn't do to have to rely on servicemen aggrieved at their impending redundancy or redeployment. Next week will be broad-brush, spun out of all recognition to reality and typical New Labour bullshi*. :twisted:
  9. Was at a briefing recently regarding for training teams of various types.

    Whilst nothing was suggested, apart from soem infantry, the impression was that air defence units are likely to be cut hard...

    Lets face it, with the exception to the falklands campaign, we have had air supremacy/superioty as a result of being invovled with the septics.

    But could we mount another falklands type task force now; if we had to?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I doubt it very much.
  10. Perhaps we're being cut by stealth so that we can form a component part of the Dear Leader's beloved European Defence Force.
  11. Why would that require cuts? Quite the opposite, surely? Dah, usual arrse euro-conspiracy gabble...
  12. It's a lot simpler than Euro-conspiracy bo**cks. If the MoD were a public company, it would have to declare itself bankrupt. It has too many tasks, criminally incompetent procurement, and too few soldiers. The immediate cash shortfall is 1.9 billion and that doesn't take into account the 3.1 billion overruns on big-ticket items like Eurofighter Buff-Hoon, Astute nuke subs and Nimrod Mk 4 spy 'planes. Grasping Gordon's likely "award' of 1.2% today won't make a blind bit of difference. Most of that cash was pledged in the last two years, has been built in to the accounts, and might only now be paid in hard cash. The whole creaking structure is both financially and morally bankrupt. They should have called the current cost-cutting exercise "Front Line First". They're the first poor ba*tards who'll be on the scrapheap, after all. :twisted: