Defence Cuts (Again)

Ok haven't done the search thing but no apologies.

Seems that as a result of Gideons mess of all his budgets and the need to claw back zillions even more pressing, the press have taken to speculating (No! you look you idle pigs trough) that more defense cuts are going to be in the bag next parliament. Word on the dailies is Army down to 60,000, RAF (after there whine about nose bag etc) a Sqn of those Radio Controlled 72 scale Spits, and lets not go their with the Navy.

So if Gods Finest Fighting Force in the World is slashed what opps could we sensibly carry out? Whom ever is defense bod next parliament is going to need a lot of help, heaven help him.
That's interesting...


War Hero
The entire public sector (except much of the NHS and overseas aid) will take a hit in the next parliament. Defence does not have a standing operational obligation, unlike health, education, policing etc, it is primarily a Force of deterrence with the ability to sustain an enduring medium-sized expeditionary operation. However, it's structures and ratios are top heavy and the pay and conditions are generous in comparison to other parts of the public sector. When politicians look to make those inevitable cuts they will chop Defence all day long, before taking the knife to front line public services.

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