Defence Cultural Advisor

Discussion in 'Officers' started by chillipep, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. I've been trawling the Jobs list (for Capts) and noticed that 4 new posts have been created. They are titled Defence Cultural Adivisor. I was wondering if has anymore information about these posts and the best way to get the job?
  2. Richard,

    Thanks for the link. Very interesting article.
  3. Chillipep - this has been discussed previously - see the related link below macattacks post. As I'm typing from a phone I can't describe the role at length but suffice to say it's far from an equal opps job! Culads are currently employed on nine month tours at Bde and BG level providing advice on how we can best deal with afghan politics - tribal, governmental and within the ANSF.

    The DCSU ( Defence Cultural Support Unit ) are the best people to chat to and I'm sure that their Adj would be happy to discuss recruitment and employment of advisors more fully. I am not a Culad but the vibes I get from those who are is the concept - while late and poorly resources by comparison with the US HTTs - is coming on in leaps and bounds. A bit off the beaten track, and certainly won't give you a fast track to promotion, but an interesting and worthwhile role for a junior or medium level Captain.