Defence Committee - Medical Care Inquiry - deadline 30 Nov

Thanks to someone over on RumRation for a timely reminder -

The House of Commons Defence Committee have reopened their web forum, part of their inquiry into Medical Care for the Armed Forces, UNTIL FRI 30 NOV.


Medical Care for the Armed Forces

“Welcome to the Defence Committee’s web forum on Medical Care for the Armed Forces. We’ve reopened this web forum to hear your views on some of the key issues which have emerged in the inquiry. So far, we’ve held three oral evidence sessions, and you can see the transcripts of these, as well as the written evidence, on our website at

As well as telling us what’s wrong, it will help us if you suggest how to make things better. What you say should be based on your own experiences, and you shouldn’t reveal private information about other people.

If you’ve already registered on the web forum, then you can still use your log-in details. New users can submit comments as soon as you’ve registered below.

The forum will run until Friday 30 November. After that, your contributions will be taken into account with the evidence received, as we consider our final conclusions. We hope to publish our report early in the New Year. The Government will then have to respond to the recommendations we make. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to have your say."

The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Chairman of the Defence Committee
BAFF submitted written evidence in June.
Christ, I've spent the last half-hour searching for this bloody thread to BUMP it. In the end, 'Arbuthnot' was the keyword that worked!!!!?

Judging by the paltry number of responses on the actual website, either everyone doesn't give a toss about this one any more...

...or none of you know about it :evil:
C'mon folks

There are even some new topics now!

Don't be shy :twisted:

This E-consultation has been extended to 7 Dec.

I urge you to have a look and hopefully contribute some pithy comment.

Of particular (self-) interest I'm pleased to see a topic specifically on mental health care, which always seems to get people fired up on here.

So Goggle econsultations - it's the first one to come up (usually) - and lay down some fire :twisted:

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