Defence chiefs have last-minute doubts about £4bn carriers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_cloudpuncher, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Interesting article in The Times:

  2. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Why is it that journalists cant do a bit of basic fact checking, they mention the RAF's Super Lynx
  3. The steel is ordered, the ships are needed. What's to debate this late in the game?
    Compared to other projects our glorious managment in Whitehall have instigated the carriers seem pretty good value to my uneducated eyes
  4. Coz it would be too difficult!
  5. Hmmm....there are actually (at least) 3 separate issues wrapped up in this typically lazy piece of journalism, but let's ignore that in pursuit of something a little easier.

    Is the RAF really getting its knickers in a twist over this...? Won't this..errr...affect the putative JCA requirement (50/50 and all that?) I would also suggest that RAF procurement is looking pretty good right now, certainly in terms of its capital projects.

    And if we gaff off CVF, doesn't that effectively say that all our doctrine is flawed, needs a re-write and we should abandon any pretensions of preparing for 'a war' whilst actually fighting 'the war'? Interestingly, the US are about to sack the whole concept of EBO...

    I'm not in the least bit surprised that it's Tim G-C leading on this either.
  6. I think we are going to need carriers in the future and all the support/protection ships (+aircraft) they require. Unless of course we choose to just have international events thrust upon us with no say in the matter.

    The human population is growing massively, all at the expense of the planetary resources we have come to depend upon. There is "trouble ahead". We in the UK can accept that and plan or just continue to stagger along.

    What do we want for our future?

    There is another way. We could try to become a country that is self reliant and not in need of imports. In that case we would just need a capable defense force without the ability to project power.
  7. VCDS has a reputation as a blue sky thinker - its entirely possible that he was looking at this issue in a wider context. We don't know what the letter actually said, the context in which it was sent or how many other letters were sent on similar projects elsewhere.
  8. Well said Jim.
  9. When you consider the "international" situations that are arising in the world today, the need for a good carrier group is a must for any international force today, indeed in the world today when the Yanks send there carrier groups to off shore waters its as good as 100 bombs anywhere in any troubled capital, just having that kind of assest5 of anyones coast is a big BIG detterent today, build em i say, i mean how much did each Trident sub cost?? and there almost obsolete today yer.....
  10. We all agree we should have it. The story goes to show how bankrupt the MOD is. We cannot afford it.
  11. Yes - the fact that we have boats that can only be detected by a handful of navies in the world and who have the ability to kill hundreds of thousands in one go demonstrates that we are now at the level of the Senegalese Navy... :roll:
  12. The question is why we're not building three or four?

    Two Carriers: £8bn

    Two week sporting event in London: £9.3 Bn
  13. I think the carriers are important......together with submarines armed with tomahawk missiles and amphibious assault ships they are what we need . long as they get plenty of F35's to fly off them!

    We don't need anymore Eurofighters or T45's and the loss of the Lynx will save us alot of cash - better spent on more Chinooks.
  14. We do need frigates and destroyers.
  15. Hmm, hadn't thought about this before but what exactly is Future Lynx any good for?
    Doesn't a big complex military helicopter cost much the same to operate as a small complex military one?