Defence CBRN Instructors Course Help!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by watto135, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Hello all

    i am due to go on the instructors course in december trying to start reading up on it know any help appreciated. if any body has been on the course recently what does it entail.

    i know there is an entrance test whats the pass mark, whats the test about.

    were do you stay what should i take with me etc

    any help greatly appreciated

    cheers watto
  2. mate, been thwere done that.
    get into ur old edition 3 survive to fight unless ur unit has the new soldier pocket book version. learn all the info in there, start reading up on the MCAD/LCAD/RVD/CAM stuff and u'll be sorted.
    good luck mate!
  3. cheers bv400

    looking forward to it but just wondered what it entialed
  4. I done the old NBC instructors course but its just a name change.

    I always hated NBC but done the course anyway and loved it. It's one of the best courses you can do. However, you'll need to pass the initial entrance test on the day and the instructors are strict believe me.

    After being a guy who hated NBC I actually loved it and I hope you do too. Its a great course. No more daft NBC test's when you get back to the unit - you'll be taking them.

  5. Mate, read jsp 410 and get your ressie tested for new clips and valves. they will bin you on the first day with the drop if a hat if your ressie has the wrong kit on it. the tests at the end are a bit hard but the course was really good and as the others say, from now on no more messin, your the guru, enjoy.
  6. I cant emphasise enough about going prepared with you NBC drills. There were 9 entrance tests on my first day and if you failed any it was RTU straight away. And a failure was anything like a velcro undone.

    As donkeywallop says, they'll bin you at the drop of a hat. However, it IS a good course, quite relaxed and laid back. Provided you learn what they teach you wont go wrong.

    Do the course and enjoy it - its good fun.

  7. I did mine in feb last year and we lived in those wooden huts which have all gone. you get the travelodge block now. We had a good laugh after the first day and the EASP's were a laugh. Good luck on the first day.
  8. Also did the old NBC instructors course in the early '90s. The NBC degradation day is the thing that sticks in my mind the most. It was a hot day in June. Not that the tasks were that demanding just that we all sweated like pigs that day!
  9. ex its a knock out in the first week, run ragged as thet know you are gonna do it when you get back to camp
  10. Yeah, thats funny. All them NBC boots on a plank of wood cracked me up. However, I actually missed the Golden Respirator by 3 points.

  11. Donkey Wallop is on the money. If your S10 is not modified as per JSP410 or is otherwise unserviceable, you WILL be RTU'd within an hour of starting the course. This has been Centre policy since 2004 now and there are NO exceptions.

    They will allow retakes on some of the Survive to Fight tests but the respirator check is non-negeotiable. Get a recently qualified NBC instructor at your unit to give your S10 the once over.
  12. I failed in the chamber and had a retake in the morning, apparently i didnt hold out my ressie enough to eat on the emegency drinking drill. but passed the next day along with about 20 others. no one on our course failed on anything else. And carry your ressie when you do the shrike test or suffer the cs spray.
  13. Fred_Cat just confrms my previous post about going prepared. Once you've done those initial test's and the instructors are happy that you're aware of what the cousre is about - you can relax slightly, sit back and take in all the info available.

    Get those initial test over with on the first day and ure be ok.


  14. BT is right, the squad instructors are excellent, once the passing in tests are done, its a well run course and they are v helpful - even to officers! :oops:
  15. RESI Mods
    should be ok they were done for telic 2 back in 2002 & they were checked for me on my operators course back in 2004/05 so should be ok

    hoping for a good course whats the accomadation like then