DEFENCE BULLYING REPORT - RAF Worst of the Three Services

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, May 7, 2007.

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  1. A recent report by the Equal Opportunities Audit Team has found that allegations of "a culture of widespread bullying and brutality" within the British Forces are, in the most part, unfounded. The audit team, which travelled to every Defence establishment across the UK and abroad and interviewed staff from all three services, found surprisingly few cases of unfair treatment and bullying within the Army and Navy.

    When it came to the Airforce, however, the report told a different story. Complaints to the EOAT came from a total of 13,555 RAF members, compared with three from Navy and just one from Army.

    While this statistic is alarming in its own right, it becomes horrific when one considers that each complaint represents a sad story of abuse, mistreatment and neglect. As one senior RAF officer put it, "Each story is, in itself, a sad indictment on the RAF. When taken as a whole, however, they demonstrate a reprehensible lack of regard for personnel on the part of RAF managers at all levels."

    One young pilot told of having to spend two nights in tented accommodation, despite the fact that there was an empty five-star hotel just 1km away.

    Another said that he had been forced to endure a gruelling fitness test every year since he joined in 1997.

    One airwoman alleged that she had been overlooked for promotion on numerous occasions, simply because she was fat, lazy and stupid.

    An aircraftman stated he had been refused permission to wear civilian attire to work, despite the fact that his uniform clashed with his eye colour.

    Another had been forced to wear uncomfortable safety boots for periods of up to eight hours straight.

    A number of personnel complained of having to attend courses that were not relevant to their jobs, such as rigorous ground combat courses and drawn-out lectures on occupational health and safety. To add insult to injury, a young corporal was even ordered to pack up chairs in the classroom after one such course.

    The huge backlash against treatment of Air Force personnel should provide senior officers with a vital clue with regard to the massive retention problems experienced by the RAF in recent times. Over the past two years, the Ministry of Defence has spent some �19.8 million looking into the issue.

    Not all of the Air Force's hierarchy, however, were upset by the revelations. Said outgoing Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Errol Flynn, KCB CBE DSO ADC BSc(Eng) FRAeS RAF, "I'm delighted with the result. I am very happy that our retention problems are due, in the most part at least, to something as harmless as bullying. I thought everyone was leaving because of me."
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    I think that this is a most spurious post. This can't be real, for instance, where did you get 13,555 members of the RAF who can remember what life in the armed forces is like?

    OK, sorry - just realised that the members referred to really means pr*cks.
  3. Hasn't this one been done on another thread? It was funny the first time round.
  4. I knew this thread was a WAH when I read this, this would of taken to European court of human rights TENTS for the RAF.

    I did a fitness test with the RAF a couple of years ago, they do beep test before press ups etc.

    As I was warming up on about level 5 majority of them stopped with them dropping out like flies, by level 8 they'd all stopped leaving the old Army couple of blokes and me going to our level 10 passes. Even worst when i saw them doing 9 press ups for a pass.

    PS naughty thread :twisted:
  5. Most of us knew RAF were/are like this.

    How much did this quite unnecessary EO Report cost the taxpayer?

  6. Durrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A JOKE!!!
  7. The RAF. A joke?
  8. Founded on 1st of April 8)
  9. of course you get more bullying in the ROYAL ARRSE FORCE, stands to reason , we all know how bitchie those big ruff and tumble snco's are in the morning before their first cup of latte and nail polish is applied

    an nco shouting at some wee man 'ill be on your arrse' or 'your busting my balls' have a completely different meaning in the ROYAL ARRSE FORCE :D

    and bandits at 6 o clock means watch your arrse in the showers :D
  10. I was serving at an RAF Station until recently and, like many Army personnel on the Station, learned a lot about the RAF, its history, and traditions.

    For example, did you know that the "cockpit" of an aircraft, where the pilot and other crew sit, was only called the cockpit after 1 Apr 1918 (the date of the formation of the RAF)?

    Prior to this date it was just called the "pit".