Defence budget looks like its going to get streamlined

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Argee2007, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Reading the reports and listening to the news it's not looking good for the defence budget over the next 3 years. With Health and Education protected from cuts the government looking for £36 billion in cuts from the rest the talk is that areas like Defence will suffer up to a 16.5% reduction, that's £7 billion off the £42 billion it got this year.

    I wonder how exactly they will go about this, and of course how often we'll here the term 'cheaper, faster, better' :roll:
  2. The only way to make anything faster and better is to spend more money. End of chat.
  3. Cutting defence spending during the bloodiest campaign in recent years. The former CND lefties will be pulling their heads off over the oppurtunity to so blatantly fcuk with HMF.
  4. I noticed that under the "Ring Fenced" spending areas "over seas funding" was mentioned. What is it? why is it ring fenced?

  5. That would be the Department for International Development, which is a bit of a paradise for private equity companies and making people rich, have a read of this to see just how much help they give to the poor around the world
  6. It's paying for India's welfare policy so some people can feel good about screwing us.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Aid spending is ring fenced, to keep the chatterers of Hampstead and Highgate on side (and, presumably, the votes of many minority groups, such as Christians/CofE, who see it in general as a Good Thing. Plus of course those who stand to benefit from it rather more directly). Defence is not and, as not only DfID but Health, Education ,and the Rozzers are also 'ringfenced' that means more cuts must fall elsewhere.

    Rumour is that the MOD budget for next year has been ready for a while, but announcements are being delayed - and not by the MOD..........

    Expect horrendous cuts, masked by a bandage of a few shiny things for Afghanistan.

    And of course this is all before any defence review, which will be even more swingeing in its reductions, with whole capabilities liable to disappear.

    Happy Days!
  8. I don't understand why overseas funding even exists in the current economic climate, surely it should be a case of:

    No. 10 : Hello, is that Nigeria/India/Brussels/Pakistan? Terribly sorry old chap but I need to spend the money we've been giving you for very little effect on sorting out the house, cheerio!

    Why do I get the feeling that in a few years a Sun headline is going to read "Over worked, undervalued, underpaid and still over there!" as more forces job/equipment cuts are made while still trying to maintain current operational tempoes...
  9. Not looking good for the carriers. Mind you, HMS Hermes -- 50 years old last month as INS Viraat -- took 14 years to build. Keel laid in 1944, so maybe they'll just get built very very slowly, and only completed in time to welcome the Chinese fleet on their first friendship visit

    Basically, it's all over.
  10. Still, the Tories "doomsday book" will be interesting to read through.

    We might find out exactly what Gordon spent all our money on over the past 12 years.
  11. BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again! :evil:

    Can we PLEASE have a Military Coup NOW, while there's still enough of a Military left to carry it out?! :roll:

  12. And which of the senior officers would you put in charge??
  13. You're a damn sight more polite than I would be...

    "Hullo, Africa? I don't care if every man, woman and child in your corrupt, disease-ridden, ungrateful sh1t-hole of a continent starves to death or dies of AIDS. From now on, we'll spend the money on the only people who really matter - ourselves.

    Have a nice day." :twisted:
  14. I refuse to believe or accept that.
    I'm not going to let the truth get in the way either. Digits wedged firmly in the ears I'm afraid.

    At some point somebody will see sense on defence spending.
  15. Right now I'd take any senior Military officer over the politicians. Lets face it, they could hardly do any worse... :roll: