Defence Animal Centre refused kennels license

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by asr1, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Human or animal, it seems that nobody is immune from being screwed over by contractors!
  2. I wonder how many complaints were ignored or swept under carpets. I have to say that every Services dog handler I've ever met was exceptionally professional about the upkeep of both dog and kennel. Who looks afer the contract? Maybe they should consider revocation.
  3. I wonder how one can:

    a. be passively negotiating

    b. continue to be in unconstructive negotiations
  4. Easy, the MOD will move some squaddies in and the pooches out.
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  5. Dare i roll my eyes once more at the thought of another stunningly negotiated contract the MOD have with a private company. Oh how grateful i am for the money saved too the public purse by contractorisation.
  6. Perm any 2 from 4.

    1. They are still answering their phone to us.

    2.They are sticking to the letter of the contract and not budging but still talking to us to tell us that

    3. We have done the math, and we can afford the extra cash they're humping our leg for

    4. We are getting to a figure where we can pay them off without too much embarrassment.
  7. Not married are you Balleh :) ?
  8. Not actually talking to one another, but trading 'status negotiations' (read: insults) through public rhetoric. See current US and Russia diplomatic relations.

    Showing up for 'negotiations' to please the watching media, but once the doors are closed, simply throwing insults or refusing to 'negotiate' honestly. See a long history of company v union talks during 1970s.

  9. Civil serpents and politicians do it frequently, it gives them a raison d'etre, longer jollies to expensive places, and gives the impression they are actually doing something. :wink:
  10. Is there anything that this repellent government will NOT f*ck up?

    Maybe, this is the result of x million years of Tory misrule!

    PS. The licence involved is spelled, or maybe spelt: licence.

    PPS. I did not get my O2 badge for nothing.
  11. I am and I take your point ! :)
  12. Its hardly surprising considering the amount of money that DAC wastes on buying rubbish dogs from Europe (3,500 Euros a pop) that go on to binned when at the same time trying to screw breeders oer in the UK by offering a quarter of the money for dogs that are much better. When the RAF are in charge of procurement, its OK. When the muppets from RAVC are running procurement it all goes to shit. You know who you are WOII dipstick :)
  13. You waited 3 years to resurrect a 4 year old thread, nice one trigger
  14. Are dogs not donated from the general public any longer?

    edited to add that I didn't realise that the crab handler above hadn't read the date. However, the question still stands; aren't dogs donated any longer?
  15. A mate runs a kennels and the random inspections they carry out are ruthless, if you have a tiled floor in the kennels and they find any cracked then you have 24hrs to replace it or they will withhold the licence..... that just one example. The inspections can be really harsh, but it does give dog owners some reassurance when they want to leave little Rover at some kennels

    I know nothing of the current state of Melton, but it wasn't in the best nick some 8 years ago....