Defcom Medical Care consultation extended for another week

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BFBS, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Don't tell me, the sugar coating of 'things aren;t as bad as they seem' has just fallen off the cake!
  2. Seems there's talk now of closing the military hospitals in Cyprus and Gibraltar - came out when Derek Twigg was giving evidence to the Defence Select Committee
  3. Absolutely f***g shocking! Should be able to refuse a posting there.
  4. [marq=right]B U M P ! [/marq]

    Thanks for the timely reminder BFBS - it was a sticky on the Int Cell for a while

    Those serving/ex-serving or service families/relatives who have experience of Military med-care as well as med-care in civvy street should contribute to this forum.

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  5. Comments made!

    Thanks for flagging this up!
  6. Sorry, forgot to say you have to click on 'Watch BFBS Reports'
  7. Seconded.
    The more input, the better - it's an open invitation - until December 7th.
    Working on my own contribution and, in researching the proposed plans for improved mental health care, came across this in the minutes of the HoC DefCom consultation:

    Derek Twigg: In terms of the topic, it is the same approach as the NHS in terms of the community-type medicines, that they are more localised in having the institutions that we had a number of years ago, so actually it is fitting with what we consider to be, in terms of mental health, the best medical practice.
    Q446 Willie Rennie: Is the Priory Group not the specialist in this regard?
    Derek Twigg: They have places around the country so we can try and get people as locally knitted as possible in terms of mental health.
    Q447 Willie Rennie: But even so you are not creating a military environment which you were trying to do at Selly Oak.
    Lieutenant-General Baxter: We do not want them to be in the Priory for a nanosecond longer than they have to be. The best place is to be alongside the regiment, the battalion, with the Department of Community Mental Health producing the expert support. That is the ideal, to treat them there. We make them feel as normal as possible as early as possible rather than keeping them together and they are all feeling bonkers together. I am sorry; I am not sure how that will translate down the line.
    Q448 Chairman: It is a medical term.
    Lieutenant-General Baxter: It is getting people into that military flavour and obviously it is a different dynamic from physically injured patients where for clinical reasons they have to be in a hospital environment.
    Q449 Chairman: You have caused the Health Minister to wince.
    Mr Bradshaw: It is so refreshing to know that political correctness is alive and well in the military.

    Absolutely no fan of PCness, but does this make anyone else feel faintly nauseous?
  8. Not really, it just reinforces the fact that no matter how much we try to get through, the muppets at the top of the food chain will fcuk it up for us. This is precisely why installing a non-military DCDS for health was a mistake. Mind you, SG and his physician cronies at the 1/2/3* level know fcuk all about mental health either. :evil: