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Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. In Time Team Hagel Versus Team Anti-Hagel

    Well Barry's done it now. After Rice's bid to run the Pentagon got trashed (thank Christ she's the worst sort of bleeding heart Wilsonian) in the aftermath of the Benghazi brouhaha now he's gone and nominated a prominent but distinctly maverick Republican to get the great flabby pork factory into trimmer shape. It's bad enough that Hagel's on the record as wanting this hugely wasteful organization cut into something leaner and meaner for the defense pork addicted GOP but this feisty chap also broke ranks with the party over the failing Iraq war rather early, shockingly admits to put US national interest before Israel's and, just to piss of the identity politics obsessed Dem left, called an aspirant ambassador "aggressively gay". A decorated veteran NCO, lead a infantry squad in Vietnam. Looks like a safe pair of hands in the manher of last but one Def Sec Bob Gates to me but will Barry manage to get such a "**** you in your partisan ass" appointment through?
  2. If there is a bunfight, it'll serve no other purpose than to show up the Republicans' hatred for Obama. If he were nominated by any other President, it'd be a no-brainer.
  3. Actually no, given the levels of support for Likud and the parities to the right of Likud that are moving towards dominance in Israeli politics this isn't a partisan issue. Dems in Congress are only just behind GOP chaps in their subservience to "the lobby". That makes Hagel's entirely traditional America first stance problematic. Being a patriot is a something more theatrically demonstrated than actually done in US politics these days.
  4. The "pork" is enjoyed by both parties my dear fellow. Your bias is flapping in the breeze.

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  5. He is a prime example of my contention you cannot make meaningful distinctions between politicians at the federal level by mere resort to partisan criteria. They are, with precious few exceptions, cut from the same progressivist cloth, just from different parts of the bolt.

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  6. On Battleland Hagel’s Hearing: Profoundly Depressing
    Slate had the rather nice headline "Fluster Chuck". It was a truly miserable performance, obviously primed to be defensively deferential to the dweebs on the committee.

    Railed at by an incensed John McCain for his inexplicable criticism of how the Iraq war went he failed to llift his guard let alone land a punch on his old buddy. At one point he was pinned to his chair squirming by Sen. Lindsey Graham (Likud-S.C) and asked to name anybody on Capital Hill who had been intimidated by the Israel lobby, just one person? With a room full of obvious candidates he demurred.

    On the Dem side mostly softball stuff but there seemed to be some worry about how they would explain that they were once in the same room as someone who recklessly has been slightly critical of Tel Aviv and in public no less. Appearing too supportive of such a loose cannon could ruin a chap's chances of campaign donations and access to the committees that hold the purse strings.

    Speaking of which there was some rather obvious greedy eyeing of defense pork going on. This after all is the main business of the Pentagon in US politics and Hagel has made austere noises. Sen. Blumenthal, D-Conn was most blatant in his care for his state's socialized defense economy.

    I've seen poached sea cucumbers with more fight in them than Chuck, by going to the ropes he may have muffed it. I'm sure the mauling he got from Barry's team of Chicago hoodlums after this hard day's grovel was much worse.
  7. The man is a buffoon of the first order--well suited to his post.
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  8. JJH, my impression is that Senator Hagel is one of the few (Jim Webb is another) to reject the Kool-Aid that McCain, Graham et al regularly consume.

    Sooner or later, the Lobby’s ferocious determination to create a ‘muffled zone’ will blow up in their faces.
  9. I abhor the McCain-Graham crowd but still think Hagel is a cretin and I am being as charitable as I can be.
  10. Hagel is out of his depth, but then so many in DC are. He's been conspicuous by his absence in the latest round of pontifications over the North Korean situation.
  11. I'm hoping he brings a more balanced, less dogmatic approach to US foreign policy; I mean, how many SECDEFs have been holders of the CIB?

    Is it simply irrational optimism to hope that an Obama flanked by Dempsey and Hagel might find it easier to show political courage than he has up to this point?
  12. I would not put Hagel anywhere near the same class as Jim Webb. The former has a cabbage for a brain and the latter is too smart to be a politician anymore.