deer stalking, dos and donts

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by sniper9, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. got a bit of deer stalking jacked up for lads, just want to know of any protocols or ettiqute i should follow so i don look a complete tit!
  2. Ha ! I can help a bit here cos I was a squaddie and my brother hunts deer..... right , listen in.

    Protocol - Don't shoot it if it has a rag thing around its head. That is the Farmers wife. Deer have horns.

    Etiquette - By all means cut its head off to bring back proof of kill. You wont get RTU' ed for this. Take along a Kukri for this purpose.

    Happy hunting !
  3. There are a few keen stalkers on the forums, so I'm sure someone will be able to help you. I don't know if this is any use to you?

    BASC - Deer Stalking Code of Practice

    Is it an accompanied stalk you're going on?
  4. Don't do as they do in the US and shoot at sounds! Positive ID and all that!
  5. Big subject, I take it you have an area large enough to accommodate the number of guns you have? I hope it is accompanied, if you want my advice unless you have any experienced stalkers put them. all in high chairs, give them their arcs and distances. High chairs negate most of the back drop risks. You do not want inexperienced unescorted walkers out with 308's. Brief them all at the start of the shoot as group, ensure they know where to shoot and what to shoot. If you are being allowed to take meat away ensure you have bin bags it gets a bit bloody at the butchery stage. Ensure you all have comms (mobiles). Do not get to your seats to early best time is about 2 hours before and after dusk. There are lots of pitfalls but done properly it it is a good day out followed by venison burgers all round. Could say more but watching Sharpe.
  6. Any tips on stalking women - I can't get caught again as I'm on a licence recall?
  7. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Safety first. Possibly the most important one really.
  8. yes it is accompanied letting squaddies loose with guns is a mad idea! thanks for the tips will keep them in mind
  9. DON'T put your return address on any flowers/presents/love letters you send them.

    DON'T use your own credit card t pay for any flowers/presents'/wreaths you may order for them

    DO try to vary your appearance when following them.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok, if its commercial be prepared to pay for the stalk, a trophy (buck season at the mo for Fallow and Roe) and also for any venison you want. a 45 pound Roe buck could cost you about £500 if charged properly. £150 for the stalk, pound a pound for the venison and up to £350 for the trophy depending upon rating.
    So think carefully, look at all the costs and weigh up what you can afford. To get a morning or evenings stalking nowadays for less than £100 is almost impossible.
    You can however do the doe/hind thing and have a week in scotland for the same price!
  11. If it's arranged through work (as in training exercise) I would suggest all the lads taken out either tip the ghillie/keeper or club together to get them a gift whether successful or not. If it is a large estate in the back of beyond and it is arranged through work I would suggest taking something of the 9mm variety for 'humane despatch' and some nvgs for the keeper to 'have a look at' (escpecially if he has foxes to sort out), 100 rounds would probably suffice for the pishtolly!!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Only take a pistol if your persoonal fac permits this, using govt ammo and weapons on non govt business will get you a stripey suntan at Colly or HMP.
  13. Ugly, would you still not be covered even if it was classed as military training, from the post I was assuming (maybe wrongly) that all personel were going to be using military weapons?

    If it's not mil training then I agree with ugly.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Military weapons arent really suitable, neither is the ammunition!
  15. I agree, I wouldn't like to lug an L96 or whatever is used now about the hill however am aware that it has been done in the past. Don't know if they got the ammunition through the system or not and wasn't goin to ask.....