"Deer Hunting With Jesus"

"Deer Hunting With Jesus" by Joe Bageant, 2007 (PB - Portobello Books, London, 2008 - ISBN 978 1 84627 152 6):

Fascinating read by a self-confessed unreconstructed old leftie - "Guns, Votes, Debt & Delusion in Redneck America". Explains why/ how much of the USA is not really the place it believes itself to be; having spent time in the town he focuses on, his description of the lives/ mindset of many inhabitants is very accurate.

If you want to understand why the forthcoming Presidential Election is likely to be much closer than many pundits (esp in Europe/ UK) seem to believe, and if you want to understand why Obama may not win (what a shock that'll be for the BBC!), then this is THE book to read.

Highly recommended.

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