Deepest Condolences to Veg...

Knowing that Vegetius has a permanent hard-on for Angelina Jolie, I offer my sincerest condolences to the lad at her recent demotion from Goddess status to ' also ran '..
the latest polls are in and Scarlett Johansson has taken 1st place in the Sexiest Woman lists and knocked ' Laura Croft ' into 2nd spot. Scarlett was 9th overall last year.. what a move up the ladder...

sadly, the rest of the list is uninspiring. 3] Jessica Alba 4] Jessica Simpson 5] Kiera Knightley 6] Halle Berry 7] Jenny McCarthy 8] Maria Sharapova 9] Carmen Electra and 10] Teri Hatcher

though, truth be told, I wouldn't deny any on the list the comforts of my cot [ well, maybe Jessica Simpson, as a sponge has more intelligence ]
I too have moved on from Angelina. Scarlett has stolen my heart, wait out for a stunning selection of avatars coming soon.
Have you truly ' matured ' in your choice of women or are you reacting negatively to the fact that Angelina decided to let Brad boink her senseless instead of you?
If the former, I commend your choice, though others might complain that you're merely following the popular trend. Scarlett is younger, has just as operational lips and IMHO better boobage.. though, from some of the press reports she isn't anywhere nearly as kinky/dirty so you might have to institute a regimen of ' training' or settle for the missionary position for the first few rounds...

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