Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mrs_jones, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. I note no less than 15,269 views on a Deepcut topic on these pages, and yet Adam Ingram tells anyone who will listen the "problem" is over?
  2. Interesting observation. What's your point?
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Yeah, and there's 27,901 views on the 'Following Through' thread. Trust me, quantity is no guarantee of quality on these boards.
  4. My point is that clearly still a lot of discussion around the four deaths to take place?

    Adds to the argument for a Public Inquiry don't you think.

    If not then we must accept this Government does not believe in accountability.

    Now who was it that said: (words to the effect of)
    "The difference between a wrong doing in a brutal regime and a wrongdoing in a democracy is that in a democracy we have accountability"

    Of course that was TONY BLAIR wasn't it?
  5. I bet if I posted a thread 'Bliar dead in freak car crash' I'd get zillions of hits - and posts because people would want to tell me what a tit I was.

    Copious use of capitals and bold might get me even more....
  6. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Actually I agree that there should be a public inquiry. There should have been a public inquiry the moment that any of the families expressed a desire for one. The MOD has done itself an injustice by not appearing to be open and honest about any and all dealings regarding Deepcut.

    BUT even if there were to be a PI now I still don't think certain individuals will gain the closure that they desire. Anything other than a vindication of their belief that these soldiers did not commit suicide will not be good enough for some of these people.

    I found this:

    Amnesty - Cheryl James

    10 attempted suicides in 5 months! We are all by now well aware that there were serious failings at Deepcut - and it seems that these failings led to some seriously unhappy soldiers who felt that their only escape was to try and take their own lives. I do not condone what happened at Deepcut and those concerned should be held accountable for their actions. The perpetrators of those actions may well be described as just as well pulling the trigger that ended these young soldiers' lives but the suggestion that they literally did so is, I believe, not substantiated.
  7. Whilst I have no frame of reference having not been at deepcut 'pre-incidents', it is still a terrible place for young, iimpressionable soldiers to be
  8. Why?
  9. Determining accountability is merely an output of a PI. The argument as to whether to hold a PI or not hinges on "is it in the national interest". You obviously think so, many don't, and probably the vast majority dont't care one way or the other.

  10. Any worse than say Catterick? Where there has been higher recorded suicides but no major media witch hunt, or any other army base with unexplained deaths?

    What are the statistics of young people in the population or say students taking thier own lives. Its a sad fact of life that it happens.

    Suicides or Death by gunshot wounds however is not that common, so attracts more publicity...

    If the MoD closed Deepcut tomorrow, and moved the RLC to say Aldershot or Leconfield, would that culture change overnight?
  11. ..and no way of knowing whether anyone is interested in the P-eye's slant on it, or watching Mr Swann dodging having to answer questions.

    I can't help wondering if a lobbying group has heard of arrse through the press and started posting on here to gain more legitimacy
  12. I think you may be over-estimating the power of ARRSE (with due note of the BAFF campaign)
  13. I think somebody is
  14. Yes...correct, the various council estates, street corners and crack houses up and down the land are far better and safer place to be!

    I'd rather condemn my child to the above than the constant, and heavily regulated supervision of care, recreation facilities, sport, healthy balanced diet, career development, educashun and of course pay received at Deepcut! NOT!!!!

    Furthermore, whilst the death of a young person is terribly tragic there was only one person to blame, the individual that decided to take their life and pull their trigger! FACT!!!

    No amount of blame shifting, investigations, conspiricies, (so-called self confessed) experts opinions, witch hunts etc will prove anything to the contrary.

    Whilst i was at university, 4 people topped themselves in a 3 yr period. There was no Blake report, no amnesty internation enquirys, no investigative interests from many different and overseas agencies - we just accepted that these youngsters couldn't cope and had nowhere to turn to (INCLUDING THEIR PARENTS AND CLOSEST FRIENDS WHO DIDN'T SPOT THE WARNING SIGNS) and killed themselves.
  15. Why is every one still talking about deepcut old news what happen happen learn from it move on.

    Yes there should be public investagation just to put this to rest.

    There have been 23 deaths of recruits at Catterick Garrison since 1994. But you dont see catteick in the papper all the time just deepcut
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