Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Aunty Stella, Oct 30, 2002.

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  1. I see the civvies have (rightly so) got very interested in "Deepcut" after the extraordinary amount of "suicides".

    Gotta wonder, is it possible to shoot yourself in the head twice with an assault rifle. Surely on single you’d be dead after round 1 and on auto your head would disappear?

    Then again, if it was an SA80 Mk1, it probably jammed after the second round.

    Any opinions out there?

    As an outsider who didn't leave that long ago and suffered 0 actual or attempted suicides (not my own suicide, of course) during my 9 years, I must admit that this looks very, very, very, incredibly suspect.

    I foresee interviews with no coffee, no biscuits and a term in the glasshouse following
  2. See thread on same subject in RLC forum.
  3. Where is the RLC forum?
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  4. X amount of deaths in X years and they were all 'suicide' by shooting,sumthing sumwhere doesnt smell right.
    I'm sure that I read one or all the rifles were set to auto. One shot to the head yes but several rounds to the head?
    How did the body hold and fire the rifle for several rounds?
    I hope the families get the truth in the end.
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  5. Is this a record for thread awakening? 14 years??
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  6. Go away Mr Journalist. Maybe one of the Mods could lock this?
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  7. Why it news today - therefore current

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  8. Because there's plenty of threads about it already and @woopert has already provided a link.
  9. Try firing less than 2 shots on full auto....
  10. Stoppage!!!!!!
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  11. You are Frank Swann and I claim my £250 prize.
  12. Multiple rounds being fired in suicides on auto are regrettably not completely unknown.