Deepcut to close

Discussion in 'RLC' started by qman, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. "It is well staffed, well supervised and the recruits have plenty to do."

    Still a sh*thole though. I MAY (not definite yet) be starting a course there tomorrow, but I can't say the thought fills me with anything but dread.

    Edited to answer your questions;

    1. If that's your idea of a home, then you're probably better off without one. It's not due to be demolished til about 2017, you've got plenty of time to say a fond farewell.

    2. TRF's should be available through your unit PRI. Or failing that;

    Is it possible to procure them through the system?
  2. At the risk of provoking the same old arguments

    Its been the home of my Corps since the days of the RAOC so not so much of a fond farewell more of a sigh that the government/ MOD have condemned yet more history to the realms of a 'cash cow'.

    The TRF comment was spouted very much with a huge 'jamie oliver stylee' tongue in cheek. When the MOD is set to make (feck knows how much) cash from the sale of real estate then it really grips my slimy turds that the corps see fit to charge me for items that should be issued. And before anyone harps in with the you've been issued 4 sketch ,,,,do one have you seen the state them after they have been removed and re-sewn?
  3. Might be able to get you a couple of TRFs mate if you havent scapered to your new Unit already will let you know by wednesday.

    Would like to add if you hadnt spent all your cash on looking flash you would be able to afford new ones.
  4. Mr Gray said Deepcut, the main training centre for the Royal Logistics Corps, was now "probably one of the best training establishments in the country".

    Fcuk me, I'd hate to see the worst them
  5. I personally don't really care about Deepcut's historic past. Although I've spent a fair bit of time there in my career I've never really felt any Corps pride, apart from the museum up the road. If they keep the museum open but raze the rest to the ground it'll suit me fine.

    It's just something about the place. The terrain, the distance between facilities (what few are available) the weather (it seems to be permanently sh*t inside the camp gates) the distance to any decent pubs and last but not least the multitude of w*nkers who worked there.

    I might be going there tomorrow for a course and I'm not looking forward to it. (Why do all permanent staff feel the need to address trade course students like sh*t off their shoes, even though their own ID cards still aren't dry?)

    Oh, I nearly forgot. The food.......
  6. Treat yourself to a trip to ST Omer barracks where the other half of 25 training regiment live (mainly chefs and drivers)
    With its quaint 1960 concrete shithole blocks that dont have adequate fire escapes (ie any) and where there is no fire engine access not to worry its so full of asbestos its not likely to catch alight.
    Marvel at the paving that looks like it had a direct hit from an ICBM (although at night you wont be looking because the lights dont work when you fall down the 3ft holes) and the NAFFI shop and bar that opens when the staff feel like it, which isnt very often.
    Throw into the mix a load of civvies with "the equivalent rank of" who can't do the job they are paid for but thats okay because the squaddies will do it for them and MGS tossers who spend their days playing on the X-box drinking brews while the poor bloody toms stand out in the cold doing all the work.
    Theres no money in the system was the answer when asked why its in such a conditon, which was strange because when Jamie "pukka" Oliver turned up with a filming crew (school dinners) there was more than enough cash to entertain him and the his entourage of 500 officers wanting to get on the TV (all of whom were wearing their TRFs upside down).
    I have the misfortune of serving at both units and incredible as it may seem deepcut is the better one.
  7. Have also served at both, but Deepcut most recently. I have to agree with you on your points about St Omer, but this isn't a 'worst camp' thread. :wink:

    If it was, I wouldn't know where to start.
  8. before i go off-thread, i went past St Omer other day, and feck me, talk about new blocks!! I left Shot, 2005 and the areas where the big car park was.......was a big car park. Whats the score with these new blocks? Trainees or part of that much mentioned Super Regt?

    Not sure whether it was Qman or not, but i saw a bloke in the village other day, shaking a collection tin. Said on side "Please give generously..£200 to fill my car!"
  9. If you have no Corps pride then why stay in the RLC?

    If the place moves it will be the same 'w*nkers' who work in the new location. Also I recall that it had previously been proposed to move the RLC and REME trg to St Athan which by all accounts is just as much of a sh!t hole and is in just about the worst possible location for 95% of the army!
  10. Yeah but HLM, they've 'found' a obcene amount of money to build this new 'super garrison' in the middle of fecking nowhere :evil:
  11. I know there was an issue about the land in Deepcut being graded as Light Industrial. The rumour mill was saying that until it could be classified as for Residential use it would not be sold as the return would not be great enough to relocate.

    But of course we would be moving for the benefit of training and not to put a big wedge of cash back in the treasuries coffers!
  12. So, St Omer is still a shithole then?? Nothing's changed since 1985 when I did my training, wonky paving stones, crap naafi etc.
  13. You've taken my quote out of context a bit there. I am proud of my Corps, what I said (in more direct terms) is that Deepcut does little, as the so called 'Home of the RLC', to inspire pride in those who have little or none.

    Horrid, have you been there recently? Have you any idea how bad this place is for a so called 'flag bearing training institution'?