Deepcut - The Play!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jack-daniels, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. 'Deep Cut'? Sounds more like the play should be about stabbings in London.
  2. That's just bad.
  3. There should be loads of swearing in it.

    my memory of Deepcut was spending 4 weeks, 6 hours a day swearing at a UNICOM terminal on the old All Arms Stores Accountants course (More swearing when the paper got jammed in the printers).

    Personally I was thinking about topping myself too, but then I realised that I wasnt a Loggie and felt better.
  4. If her dad's praising it, the scriptwriters must have left out all the bits about gang-bangs in the block or 'how to get out of fatigues orally'.
  5. I wonder if Robbie Coletrane is going to play the part of the fat fingered pikey who put himself up as the 'ballistics' expert?
  6. The ballistics 'expert' was initially hired by Surrey wasn't he, unitil he could'nt find what Surrey wanted him to find - then they got rid ! bit odd if you ask me........any of you you seen it !?
  7. or how to hjave your first lesbian experience chatn to some of my troops
  8. Quality, like your style Taff. Have similar memories of trying to get my mong swede around the ammo part of the RQ course. As scooby doo would say - uh?
  9. What about the musical?

    "Don´t go in to the green house!"