DEEPCUT - the play in London until April 09 before “touring”

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. . . . . . plus (for the first fifteen minutes), a review of the play DEEPCUT, that left the host/reviewer Mark Lawson “very annoyed” at the “cover-up” by the authorities - refusing a public enquiry.

    Having just opened in London, the play “runs” until April 2009, before “touring” round the UK.

    I searched ARRSE, and found a thread from last year in the “Art Farty Forum“, when the play was previewed as part of the Edinburgh Festival. However, the link seems broken, and anyway contained some pretty inane comments.

    I’ve deliberately posted this in “Current Affairs, New and Analysis”, as it deserves a wider audience (excuse the pun !!), and hopefully will generate some continuing interest amongst the general public, to help resolve a particular tragic period - compounded by an apparent, obvious, institutional determination NOT resolve the questions that still lie unanswered.
  2. What 'unanswered questions'?

    There are questions that can't be answered, because tragically those who might supply the answers are dead, but most if not all relevant questions that it was possible to answer were, I thought, dealt with perfectly well enough by the Deepcut Review.
  3. Glad a completely impartial play can answer so many questions..... :roll:
  4. I'm tempted to buy a couple of tickets and gift them to PM(Army)