Deepcut - Soldiers to be singled out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BaggyInBlack, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. The Mail seems to be on a mission. If they are going down the name game trail, I hope they've got it right. If not, I hope they get their arrses sued.
  2. I know the whole Deepcut thing is very sensitive, and threads normally get locked or deleted within minutes.

    however, does anybody have the stats for similar organisations. ie, same demographics and throughput of people?

    I seem to remember ITC Catterick had double the number of suicides of Deepcut over the same period - and what about YOIs, civ universities, other ATRA instituions etc?
  3. I wonder what the breakdown as a percentage of arms\corps the suicides rate is? With the RLC having the largest percentage of recruits (especially amongst an age group especially prone to suicide) in the army, do the figures from inf, armr etc when correlated match up that the RLC simply has the percentage of suicides that it should have (an unfortunate phrase I know) when factored into the army as a whole?
  4. I think someone is after a person or persons to blame over this issue. As someone who has a relative involved in this situation I think that people are looking to apportion the blame for this unfortunate affair. I firmly believe that suicide amongst people of this age group is widespread in the country, the fact that so many are all in areas were there is a concentration of these age groups seems to point to this, ie Universities Forces etc. Why has there not been a detailed investigation of the deaths or suicides at other forces area's, Catterrick being one of them.

    I believe that this will not rest until those pushing for the blame to be levelled at somebody bears fruit. This will mean the ruination of somebodies career and life. Do not get me wrong, if there was a sub culture of bullying to the extent that a person would take thier own life then it has to be addressed as soon as possibly. The point is that what a civvy would class as bullying is proberbly classed as character building by the forces. After all, what do we want, an army of sensative people or an army of people who get tough when the going gets hard.
  5. Mmmm with 20 and a bit years in the Army, I hear what you are saying and have heard it before many times. The fact remains that If my son or daughter joined the Army, I would expect duty of care by the MOD and would hope that my child were treated with respect, fairness and dignity at all times. If it came to the point that my son or daughter were driven to take their life becuase of the hopelessness of their situation, I would expect the powers that be to investigate ALL possible influences. This isn't about pointing the finger of blame, it's about wasted life or lives. Now if bullying (character building as you call it) was the underlying factor in my son or daughter killing themselves, I would demand that heads fekkin role.

    Your second sentence "After all, what do we want, an army of sensative people" I would argue that more sensitive thoughtful people in the forces is exactly what we want, or are you implying that sensitive people lack bravery?
  6. I'm with H-t-L on this one. Things which were perfectly normal when I enlisted nearly 30 years ago are utterly unacceptable nowadays and would lead to criminal charges. Hell, even things which happened to H-t-L when he was a crow comparatively recently :D would see the perpetrator in jail. This is not a bad thing. It's perfectly possible to produce an effective and aggressive armed force without generating a culture of fear and bullying - look at the Army of today, which was trained in a much more nurturing way than the Army of my day and doesn't appear to be any less competent or capable of breaking stuff and killing people if required.
  7. Correct . We're not here to help the media confirm or deny their 'facts' , especially the fishing expedition the media will be on.

    As per policy in CA and across Arrse on cases subject to , pending or in investigation , this thread is closed

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