Deepcut revisited

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Charm_City, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. I cannot recall any subsequent high profile cases involving that idiot after the mullering he received on Arrse :grin:

    Here's a refresher for anyone unfamiliar with events to date:

    Deepcut Massacre
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  2. Gray's parents were on Newsnight last night and his father raised the fact that he'd been shot twice and expressed his disbelief that this could happen. I almost screamed at the telly to be honest.
    Surely, after all that they have been through by now, someone at some point must have explained to them what automatic fire aactually means?

    My other gripe was that no-one at Newsnight appears remotely intersted in the fact that there have already been further inquests into the other three deaths and they all found that suicide was the only possible explanation, so presenting this latest decision as some sort of break-through in the face of official indifference, or some ill-defined conspiracy by "the establishment" or whatever, is pretty stupid, not to mention grossly irresponsible.

    Once again I recommend that anyone interested in this whole depressing farce should take the trouble to read The Deepcut Report which is readily available on-line. No-one at Newsnight seems to have bothered their arse it must be said.
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  3. I must admit I've not bothered to watch Newsnight for some time, thanks to the drop in their investigative reporting standard. I'm not exactly surprised to read what @Jaeger saw.
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  4. Theres financial implications behind an inquest verdict and organisations such as insurance companies, etc, dont pay out on suicide. This may sway some coroners.

    About the Blake report, some of you must have read a different version than I. I recall the female witness who approached Benson changing her account many yrs later (when out the army) on whether her companion fired or returned fire. WTF? ... that was as they approached benson at the crivial moment. And iirc wasnt one round unaccounted for from that night?

    The other troubling case was the girl and i wont go further as people are still living but didnt the last one to see her alive at the gate deny being there? and tried to put a mucker at the scene! (Its a long time since i read it.)

    What was reported at the Jamess second inquest has only broadened my concerns.