Deepcut report by The Adult Learning Inspectorate.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Mar 21, 2005.

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    They make it sound like joing the army is like doing a Learn Direct course!!!
    Of course there is a high drop-out rate. The army is very demanding.

    Please define bullying and harrassment.

    Why? We have hundreds of recruits from commonwealth countries. I've not heard them complaining?

    The problem with critisising army training is that the civvies doing the inspection have absolutley zero knowlege of what a sldier needs to do in reality, and have nothing to compare it against.
  2. Sign of the times Speedy.
  3. I can't help thinking that this kind of intererence will just shift the problem. If training gets too easy won't sprogs who've just left and go on their first operational tour who haven't suffered sleep deprivation, stress, pressure and all of the other nasty things we take for granted end up topping themselves anyway?
  4. Sorry to have duplicated a topic. This was obviously in preparation whilst I was sucking my thumb composing mine.
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  6. I foind the comment about almost 'slum' like accomdation amusing. The accom at Deepcut is a mansion compared to the squalor that they may find themselves living in after training. ANyway, training accom is not supposed to be luxurious, if anything it is supposed to be in the best state of cleanlines and repair!!
  7. Absolute bollocks report.
    'A "hotspot" of bullying was Deepcut St Omer bks' yet Blandford scored worse on reports of bullying and harassment. Statistically insignificant due to small numbers and small number of postitive answers.
    Just as well then they're not comparing it with medical student training where 2/3 report bullying and harassment Student BMj report but that wouldn't be bashing the army now would it.
  8. From page 45 of the report (p53 of the pdf)
    How unreasonable 8O
  9. One major stumbling block I suppose is that the ALE want to achieve maximum passes by any means neccerscery whilst the army needs people to fail (as to weed out those who are unsuitable). Once again the message that the army is not for everyone is failing to get out.
  10. Ummm hello! I spent all of my basic with my bed-block made up the night before and slept under the counterpaine. Saved me loads of bo11ockings and I managed a little more sleep than I might have got away with. Most of the rest of the troop did the same. Adapting to the situation and making the best of it while getting the job done. I didn't feel harrassed.
  11. And there was me thinking that this was to mank people learn about time management and prior planning, but bugger me it wan't!! It was all about bullying and harrassment all along!
  12. Yet again civilian standards being applied to what is annother world, the result of taking these scandlous examples of "harrasment" is a civilian in green, which is useless in the field. While there is always many civilian organisations to bash a system that works why is there never any organisation who publicly declares reports like this to be the rubbish they are?

    The example of HMS Raleigh is a big 8O who lets these idiots pass judgement? Harassment? If you cant hack it get out
  13. I'd rather rely on a soldier that has been 'harassed' and got through it than one that hasn't and is going to buckle when things get difficult.

    Everyone who joins the army are volunteers and much as I'd like to believe that a volunteer is better than a 'pressed man' there is far too much evidence out there that many join blinded by the glamour rather than the reality of hard work and difficult situations.

    National Service proved that a pressed man could be 'beasted' into a good soldier far more easily that a 'Walt' wannabee who is more suited to work at Sainsburys than on Salsbury Plain.

    Okay. The Army has been tough in the past, but I haven't seen anyone complain after Korea, the Falklands, Gulf, Kosovo and others, so it should be tough now. "If it's not broken, don't fix it" should be the motto, not "if it's not broken, fix it 'till it is"!

    These bleeding heart lefty civvy know-it-alls are just trying to get things so 'safe' they are going to get people killed.
  14. msr

    msr LE


    Have you actually read the report?

  15. A great quotes from the beginning of the report.

    Good Grief.