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Discussion in 'RLC' started by einbierbitte, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Looks like i am really lucky and got my dream posting to deepcut, question i have is where abouts are the married quarters what are they like and how far from camp are they, seems like a big secret as cant find out any info, looks like the posting is in the bag just waiting for paperwork to follow.
  2. The patch is just up the road, not sure if there's a back gate since Alma Dettigen was demolished but you can easily cycle round in 5 minutes.
  3. i was after nipping up there to have a quick look around before i put any housing requests in was just after some road names that i could check out or even more importantly if anyone knows of anywhere that i should stay clear of.
  4. All the patch is ok, sits nicely on the training area and is generally quiet and safe, end of the day its an Army estate costs less than £100 a month for a pad, if you want a nice 3 bed in Surrey go rent one they are only about £1400 a month!!!!
  5. einbierbitte,

    The quarters are allocated by the Aldershot DE office, who are about as useless as you can get. As Deepcut is part of the Aldershot garrison area (for quartering purposes), you could end up in either Aldershot, Pirbright, Church crokkham or Deepcut. Speak to the Deepcut HIVE for more detail about the area.

  6. The quarters are a short, nice walk to the camp but it's fenced now and I think locked/unlocked at certain times. Miss these times and it's a couple of miles the long way round to the main gate. This was the case years ago but that gate might be manned differently now.

    If you like running or walking the dog you've got the most excellent forested areas on your doorstep. Damn I'm jealous!

    Good luck with that posting matey. :D
  7. Seconded!!!
  8. Keep clear of the new Dettingen Park Estate, just next door.

    Built a couple of years ago with 10% going as "Social Housing"....................Yes you've guessed correctly.................every low life scumbag Chav that wasn't welcome on the "Old Dean Estate" has moved there.

    I would not be too happy about that if I'd paid £400.000 to get Mr & Mrs Pikey_Chav move in as my neighbours!

    Other than that, the Army Estate is really good. The dog walking areas are second to none. All in all a great place to live!
  9. In a minimum of 5 years so you could do 2 tours there!!!!!
  10. Sounds ok so far got to be better than what we heard before we got to n ireland - "yeah the estate is ok as long as you don't mind about the odd burnt out car" my dogs are well happy about the space but they are also slightly concerned if there are any flats there or is it generally all houses.
  11. check pm eine
  12. A bit of advice mate, go and visit the allocations office in person (near the mil cemetry). They are ready to fcuk you off on the phone but if you go to visit them and remain polite and calm they are really good.

    Just my experience anyway.

    If you can't be arsed then take what you get!
  13. It took me three months to get a house, due to the lack of SFA in this area there are a lot in SSFA, if Aldershot made decisions quicker then I wouldn't have spent days trapesing round the area viewing properties.

    Not all of us have the luxury of being able to 'pop in' to the Aldershot office.
  14. I never said "pop in" as that would imply we are all in Aldershot. I said visit, obviously if you are on ops or just can't get there then you can't.

    However if you are in England and can't be arsed driving a few hours to square away your accommodation for the three years for your family then take what you get.