Deepcut or should it be Deep sh1t?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Once again the vexed topic of the goings on at that world reknown centre of Remfdom have spoiled the taste of my cornflakes. 'Concerned' politicians keen to blame someone else and get votes, parents of deceased recruits blubbing on the just goes on and on.

    What the hell was going on?
  2. It is truly distressing and cornflake benefit voiding to follow this debate...

    I cannot but feel that the integrity, character and credibility of the Army is falling away. The careerists are taking over, at the expense physically and morally, of the servers or doers.

    I honestly think I would not join the Army of today for a career, despite the fact that being on operations beats the hell out of preparing for the Cold War. I certainly would not encourage my daughter or son to do so although I would support them if they did - probably all the more so as it is a more hostile environment apparently.
  3. Gosh , the Army in a bad light again in this election year?

    Surely not.
  4. Well said that man. Your second para certainly strikes a chord. The careerists are certainly out there in force and thier numbers are growing rapidly. I even know a passed over Major who's attitude is self, self, self. He cares not a sh*t for his troops. And his career is finished.
  5. We should all leave now as in a few years time they MoD will give the contract to Tim Spicer for Britians defence and we can all get paid shed loads and do it tax free as well
  6. I trained there and there's nothing wrong with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. I went to Deepcut for a course in 1969. I arrived at the Guard Room and was immediately detailed to go and help fight a bushfire on the camp. Yeah! Right! Went and found my accommodation instead.

    Trying to be objective though, I have deep reservations about the goings on at this place. Is it possible to shoot oneself twice in the head using the standard issue rifle. This is a genuine question! Because if it is not deemed possible by the professionals there can only be one other conclusion. Someone else fired the shots. If this scenario is so blindingly ovious to me then why have the forensic gurus missed it?
  8. On full auto with a mag with 2 rounds in it, maybe? Or the rifle jammed? I can't remember if there was anything said about the status of the mag or rifle, so I'm open to correction on this.
  9. The gun was in auto when the body was found.