DEEPCUT - Majors Logistics Course - assistance required

Good Morning, A little help please.

Due to attend Adv Log cse @ Deepcut in a week (or so).
Not recieved JIs, (due to where I'm working this stuff goes astray all the time).
Need an Extension number to chase them up/track some down.
Tried defnet - useless as usual.
Happy with PM or direct on here, I have the Mil codes just need the last 4.

Many thanks

Mischief Managed- Rounds Complete.

Thank you for the assist.
I wouldn't bother. Without doubt the worst course I attended in 14 years of service. Total ARRSE!
Judging by the avatar, makes assumption that there was enough digging of holes or raising of barriers for you!

Hope you annotated the inval sheet or breifed the DS / Cse Sponsor to your concerns, or did you just stay quiet and drip to yourself in the mirror!!!!

I thought it was useful preperation for ICSC

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