Deepcut Inquiry Ordered

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mullet_Hunter, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. This from SkyNews


    The Ministry of Defence has announced an inquiry into the deaths of four soldiers at the controversial Deepcut army barracks.

    But although the Government has appointed a "fully indpendent figure" to head the case, it falls short of the wholely independent inquiry demanded by victims' families.

    Human rights lawyer Nicholas Blake has been chosen to lead the investigation, already facing claims it will not answer all the questions raised by the deaths.

    Armed Forces minister Adam Ingram said, though, that he believed MoD answers to the many questions surrounding the deaths had been "adequate and comprehensive".

    He said: "There is a lot of public concern out there.

    "This is doing damage to recruiting for the armed forces, lots of the criticism is unfair. We want to get confidence back."

    The inquiry will be into the deaths of four soldiers at the Surrey barracks between 1995 and 2002 and the report is due to be published by early 2005.

    They are Sean Benton, 20 from Hastings, East Sussex, Cheryl James, 18, from Llangollen, north Wales, Geoff Gray, 17, from County Durham and James Collinson, 17, from Perth, Scotland.

    The terms of the review are to urgently investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths in light of available material and "any representations".

    Mr Blake works from the Matrix Chambers, where Cherie Blair is based.

    Suprise, suprise, I wonder how much the Wicked Witch will pocket? :x
  2. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    Let me see if I understand this correctly: the government's definition of someone who is fully independent is a lawyer who belongs to one of the most left-wing Chambers in the country, in which one of the partners is the Prime Minister's wife?

    I'm sure Mr Blake is one of those 'reliable' sorts so beloved of Bliar.

    Another 'correct' decision, anyone?
  3. I suggest problem arises from emotive name - Deep Cut
    Perhaps things would be better if we re-named it - The Creche?