Deepcut - Here we go again :-(

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Northern_Biff, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. Deepcut deaths investigation 'failed to follow leads'

    Privates Benton, James, Gray and Collinson, who all died at Deepcut
    Detectives investigating the deaths of four soldiers at the Deepcut barracks failed to follow vital leads, according to a report seen by the BBC.

    Four soldiers died in unclear circumstances at the Surrey army base between 1995 and 2002.

    The Devon and Cornwall Police report said Surrey Police's probe into the deaths did not properly consider a list of hypothetical suspects.

    Surrey Police said they had considered all possibilities for the deaths.

    'Unknown white male'
    Privates Sean Benton, Cheryl James, Geoff Gray and James Collinson all died from gun shot wounds. A coroner recorded a verdict of suicide for Pte Benton - but the inquests into the other three returned open verdicts. At the time of the deaths, there were allegations of bullying at the barracks.
    Continued here:

    BBC News - Deepcut deaths investigation 'failed to follow leads'

    Come on down, 'expert' Frank Swann!
  2. This unknown male manage to take an SA80 of four different soldiers before shooting them in the head over a 7 year period?

    There was overwhelming evidence that Benton was a fruit loop who topped himself and Cheryl was having family problems, (largely ignored by the press). Still, a mystery gets more viewers.
  3. I heard they all topped themselves because they were told they'd be sharing a room with Stacker. Nothing confirmed mind.
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  4. He was a cock when I knew him way back. I assume he is still the same
  5. He used to post on here. Your assessment is correct though. A charlatan of the first order.
  6. I was sick to the back *&%#-ing teeth of the vast amounts of complete and utter BaLL*cks being talked about this nonsense the last time around, much more of it and I would have been found at the top of a tall building with a high-powered rifle to be honest. I genuinely hoped that the publication of the Deepcut Report a few years back (which I urge all interested parties to read) would put an end to it all. Obviously I was wrong.
    We now have feckin '"Deepcut Resurrection" to contend with it seems (if that's not too near the mark?) as some poxy report criticizes Surrey Police for not dotting the "i's" and crossing the "T's".

    Jesus #*%$-ing Wept!
  7. Ahh - The much sought after role of Senior Investigating Officer in a "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Witch Hunt."

    I wonder what the un-initiated make of this. Turn up nothing in your investigation and you've wasted months/years and budget money. Produce a sh1t storm and point out the mistakes made by another and it was all worth while and the destructive effect you have on somebodies reputation/career has the equal and opposite impact on your own.
  8. I hear that when each of the bodies were found, they were coated in hundreds and thousands..................................... clearly they 'topped' themselves.
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  9. Not again. There is never going to be any new evidence to come to light regarding this, and any evidence which could have been important at the time was lost or not investigated, not due to a cover up but just shoddy actions.

    I actually feel sorry for these parents, because even after all this time the are still seeking answers to a conclusion that just can't be reached, not one that will satisfy them anyway. They are held in limbo by grief and that pratt Frank doesn't help them by manipulating their emotions for his own gain. He truly is an unpleasant lowlife.
  10. I wouldnt have minded sharing with Cheryl.
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  11. I did nearly all guards with a pick axe handle except for Site Guards with SLR and loaded mag fitted or SMG, or weapon on guard when there was an alert on and then the ammo was in the Guardroom.
    It was a long time ago but I still don´t understand why a 17 year old recruit was given a rifle and ammunition to guard a training camp and being on his own.The biggest threat would have been drunk squaddies climbing over the fence as a short cut to bed and slotting them would have been a bit harsh?
    No wonder the parents are wondering WTF was going on?
  12. Another case of keep on going until you get the answer that you want (rather than the real one). Similarities with Bloody Sunday, Hillsborough and soon to be any number of Operation Yewtree events.
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