Deepcut /haunted?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Neil88, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I am currently a phase 2 soldier at princess royal barracks, deepcut. As alot of people alredy know on the 27th november 1995 a young PTE was found dead whilst on guard. Well 10 years on, the 27th November 2005, we have full powercut for over 6 hours. The surrounding area was not affectd, just the camp. We had another power cut on the 11th december, does anybody know of any significance to this date? Just thought id let you know as its pretty interesting.
  2. Have you been drinking!!!!
  3. On the subject. I was told when at Bassingbourne some years ago that the basement of the block to the left of the old cookhouse entrance (looking out towards the small square) was in fact haunted. It was said by someone who hanged themselves in the basement ( I did'nt know they had a basement).

    Is there any truth in this and can anybody who was at Bassingbourne verify this. ???
  4. What a fcuking knob you are! You know absolutley nothing about what happened there, I would hazard a guess you were no more then 8 years old when it happened. Mind your own business and stop baiting the press. There is enough speculation about this Camp without idiots like you wanting to get the Most Haunted team in and speak to the fcuking dead. Knob.
  5. Dad,

    I heard this story when i was based at Bassingbourn. The block concerned was not used and civi staff would not go in at all.
    One of the training NCO's confirmed the hanging story. The lights in the block would also turn themselves on and off. THe block was also marked as OFF LIMITS to all recruits.
  6. Well Said!
  7. Jesus, another son I never knew about.
  8. My office is haunted 8O
    I find it very difficult to go in there....... :roll: :wink:
  9. Well said.
  10. Yes its the day before the first day of christmas.
  11. before its current haunting by journos, wierdos and cheerios, Deepcut allegedly had a WW1 ghost but I cannot remember the story in detail.

    Connaught block was allegedly haunted (at Woolwich) by Prince Louis Napoleon but there were also ghoulies in the officers mess...oh god I've just realised what I've written. Oh well, leave it and we'll see who takes the obvious mackeral!
  12. J_D

    J_D LE

    Any where with a history will have energy;( Just look in bullies/fox/TA’s closet!) people get it confused with haunting. But if you want to call it a haunting then crack on :wink:
  13. Crikey, I remember the last time a ghosty style thread came on here! Anya, you scared me sh!tless with one of the links you sent me!
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    I know alot of spooky things!
  15. I remember!! I shouldn't read such things, scare the crap out of me. But I just can't help it!