Deepcut deaths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Just heard on Sky News,Amnesty International have called for a public enquiry into 4 deaths at the Barracks,Ahead of the official release of finding's today.
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  2. its all been said before...i expect this thread to close shortly!!!!
  3. Many many things have been said of Deepcut, many mis represented in the news..........

    At what point will people realise that 11 years after the first death occured that there is nothing more to find out. If there was it would have resulted in someone being charged by the Army or Civilia Police by this stage.

    I worry for the individuals and have every sympathy for the parents but it is now time to move on....

    Just remember that todays newspapers will be tomorrows chip wrappers.
  4. I disagree that any thread discussing this matter should be closed. There should be a public enquiry. If you recall, in the early days, the families of those who died denied that their childrens' deaths had been suicide. The allegations were that they had been murdered. They recruited an 'expert in ballistics', a former gun shop owner, who claimed through his 'findings' that the deaths were not caused by suicide. Whatever happened to him? Google his name and you will find that he is indeed not an expert in ballistics, but rather an expert in medieval catapults with an interest in pyrotechnics. I sh*t you not. He exploited the questions which the police were unable to answer and the accusations were then levelled by a press with only half the answers, the same ones which were known to the Police funnily enough. Recent reports now suggest that 'suicide' may have been the cause, but not in all cases. This leaves many questions still unanswered. A crusade by the Daily Mail (a paper reknowned for getting it wrong and being sued for its stupidity) has named serving and former soldiers as being responsible for the 'suicides'. The plot thickens.

    Now, the question of suicide has never been answered. First it was suicide then it was murder now we're back to suicide because they were bullied. Which one is it?

    Let's have a public enquiry and put this issue to bed permanantly. I sympathise with the families as would any of you, but it is now time to get to the bottom of this one for once and for all. I feel though that even with a public enquiry, the families will not be happy until they get the answers they want to hear. Many of those questions will never be answered and papers like the Daily Mail will continue to speculate.
  5. Biscuits has, as usual, hit the nail on the head, particularly with regard to the families.
  6. Amnesty International!!? What on Earth do they think goes on in there?
  7. I will never understand why those recruits were issued with live ammo,we as so-called professionals were only given pick-axe handles,or went on patrol in two´s when live ammo was issued......................but never as recruits!
  8. And another Deepcut thread closes.

    The reasons I do this have been stated time and again , especially after the appalling direction the last thread took.

    I will however , allow a thread on the official findings to be started , subject to it not being hijacked.

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