Deepcut closed and has now dissapeared.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by threetiffycourses, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. I recently asked why the Deepcut review thread was closed ,I was answered by the Mod's ,and the reply was that it had run it's course.
    Now the Deepcut psychic thread has disappeared ,could someone please explain.
  2. It's still there, take a look on Google Earth if you don't believe me.
  3. The thread had gone off at a tangent and references were being made which were far removed from the original subject being discussed, so I expect thats why it was binned.
  4. Thanks MB , I thought that may be the case however I would have expected the Mod responsible to explain why it was binned at the time of deletion/closure ,I was hoping that Franky may come back and join us even though I know his solicitor has advised him not to post on here again ,due to him witholding evidence .
  5. The "Deepcut Psychic" thread had also run its course, and had deteriorated into a mickey take at Frank Swann's expense. As he was not there to defend himself we could not hear as to whether he found it funny or not - but it was good natured and there was no malice intended.

    However, the thread started to take a sinister course with a few people posting and replying to cryptic messages, all of whom had recently joined and had a surprisingly low post count.

    The nature of the discussion revealed personal vendetta and illegal or corrupt activities which are not consistent with the personable nature of a military related site or the spirit in which legitimate subjects ought to be discussed. The thread was starting to go that way, and I for one am glad that it has been pulled.
  6. Hello Playmates!

    I Hope that you all had a nice Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year during 2007. If you are a member of our Armed Services, and especially serving abroad, may you return to our shores ASAP, safe and sound, to your caring and loving families.

    Sorry I have been away, in a Government Institution, being brainwashed into ‘loving’ Bliar and his Comrades. Unfortunately, it did not work, I was apparently too thick. I am given to understand that Bliar sends his regards to all from his holiday villa, and is thinking of us all, wherever we may be, and whatever we are doing.

    I am also given to understand that if I attend on a voluntary basis, they will provide me with free electricity in the form of electric shocks; supplied of course from electric generated by wind farms. (Methane from cattle?). I was a little concerned when they required me to sit in a wooden chair with electric connections, including a metal skull cap, with my bare feet in metal bowls of water, but fortunately, when they threw this big switch, all the lights went dim and the fuse box fell of the wall. They all seemed extremely disappointed that they could not ‘cure’ me, permanently, but promised to give me another opportunity, soon.

    Some of you were just a little bit wicked whilst I was away. Jinty, I have never been instructed by Police where I was obliged to stay away from home overnight, even on a three month assignment, I returned home every night. Therefore, I have never made false expense claims to police, or indeed anyone else. I have never used my family to search fields for shot gun pellets.

    Jinty / Jan, your post number 37 dated 14th December 2006, to Moodybitch, about the abusive photographs was indeed accurate, as to what happened; so why do you persist in Jackanory stories that you are well aware are untrue? I have reviewed all our emails, and if you persist with Jackanory, I shall consider posting them on my website, showing the factual position, as I would not like to bore the arrse off of Arrse Members, on this site.

    TTC, my solicitors have never instructed me not to post on Arrse, they just queried if I liked getting ‘kicked to death’ in virtually every post! Virtual reality is great. I just close my eyes when I am being virtually ‘kicked’ and think of Moodybitch. Cor!

    Sammy the Cat, appeared fairly accurate, with his thoughts about some form of vendetta, but as you know Sammy, that’s life! Some of the writings of Jinty / Jan are inaccurate. I did find some of the postings quite funny and amusing. As far as Fort Halstead is concerned, I should check the security system if I were you, as I am photographed at Reception and issued with a Pass every time I attend, and then escorted by staff to the places where the examinations / tests are conducted. I shall try to introduce myself to the ROC on my next visit, in case the ROC thinks my ‘lucky heather’ pitch is a fraud.

    Northern_Biff. If you are going to ring me up at work, and on my mobile, and leave messages indicating that “You are a fcuking cnut” at least wish me a Merry Christmas, as it left me quite hurt to think that you had the Christmas ‘spirit’ and was not sharing it with others.

    Moodybitch. I just could not believe what you wrote to Jinty / Jan, did I read it wrong, or did you actually go some way to defending me? You could be right, I may be failing in love with you! Ignore the others, they are just jealous.

    Grant. If you are reading this, you know by way of PM that I thought you were some mouthy 23 year old who had aligned with a distorted view from Jinty / Jan, but when I found out that you were in the services (of the USA) in the 1960s, I was quite jealous of how you managed to write on Arrse, in such a way that you disguised your age. Biscuits and others; you are quite correct, I am not suing Grant.

    Whilst typing this, someone sent me a text:-

    “Today is International Disadvantaged People’s Day. Please send an encouraging message to a retarded friend, just as I have done. I don’t care if you lick Arrse, interfere with animals or occasionally shite yourself. You hang in there sunshine, you are fcuking special.”

    Thank you most kindly that person, and I now pass this message on to all of you Arrse members / friends, with sincere best wishes.

    Deano, I shall be delighted to see you and yours, for fish and chips, as soon as the weather permits, and, thank you most kindly for your support on this site. Apart from the odd poster, Malice may be present. (Who is Malice?). I have been assured that matters are coming to a head, in the not too distant future. We shall see!

    I urge all posters to be kind to me; at least until 2007.

    Retards to all

  7. You're not the only one.. That's been going round for ages by text message. :roll: Just in case you thought it was directed at you especially..

    But thanks for passing it on. No, really. It's nice to be appreciated. :wink:
  8. Mate, well said and in a tone that took me 40 secs to recognise.

    Dr Hanibal Lecter, is that you?
  9. Damn..too late.

    I was hoping to reply before anyone else did..only for the following reason.

    Moodybitch and I were being lead into dangerous waters with the old thread.

    I asked Soldier Why (Mod) to watch over us and he obviously decided to pull this topic. Thanks once again.

    Believe me if Biscuits_AB remains quiet when asked about legal advice then the answer that he won't give is the one you should believe. If he stays quiet then so should the rest of us.

    This whole thing of Deepcut, a separate forensic examination, refusal to provide evidence, now leading us on to the pictures in the papers and the sacking of a newspaper editor and to who had the photos or even released them. This isn't just taking the piss anymore and Fleet Street have better Solicitors than Franky or any of his associates.

    I spent over 12 yrs in RMP, B_AB, Johnny, Western and all the others who have had probably longer in than me just remained silent and waited. Please guys do the same, don't bite or if you do, think about it first. Maybe just stick to taking the piss!

    SammytheCat, sorry I'm still new and haven't submitted many posts (I'm sure you didn't mean just me!) but your answer as to why it was pulled was dead right. Don't get baited from Deepcut onto Fleet Street, it's not worth it.

    Just ask yourselves, why did this guy come onto our site in the first place anyway? What did he have to gain? I say, who cares. This topic has been binned.


    RG :)
  10. Unlike some others that I could quote Fatbadge, I really do care!


  11. Not too sure what it is that I'm meant to be quiet about?
  12. SSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssss


    'Frank' (Lecter)
  13. I was wondering that aswell. 8O
  14. Please don't throw Frank a line. The threads are dead.
  15. Hokey dokey.
    And there was me thinking " what a nice man saxon is" on other threads.

    That'll teach me as my old mum used to say.