Deepcut Barracks - Can public enter?

Hi all,

Bit of a random thread, I know, however I'll give it a go regardless, in the hope that someone can help.

My parents used to be in the army, and one of the places we were based was Deepcut (Dettingen Rd), and was wondering if the public are able to access these roads nowadays or not? I'd like to go and have a look.

I understand some of the barracks (if not all) was torn down, but I believe the road I lived in is still there, from google maps, anyway.

But, can the public get in there to have a look around, as it were?

There was also a school just a short walk away. Does anyone know what this was called, and if it is still there?

All I remember was the forests out the back of the house, the naafi down the road, and the field, which they were apparently going to build the new naafi on, and they planted loads of trees there.

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.
Hmmm, seems the school was called 'Blackdown Primary School', however I don't remember that name. It does all tie up though, with it being just round the corner. Is it still there, does anyone know?

I remember it being called a junior and middle school.
New houses went up a few years ago on old barrack site quarters still behind and accessable.Dettegen house now home to DRLC and forming corps crusties.
Would I still be able to view the school? Is that still standing? (On Newfoundland Road)... And more importantly, would my old house still be there, on Dettingen road?


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You can drive around the estate and would be able to see the school and Dettingen Road,which are far enough away from the camp.The school has been closed for a while.


I live quite close - its all open to the public apart from the camp and DRLC (obviously!). Alma and Dettingen barracks' went a few years ago so that bit would be unrecognisable. Blackdown Primary has been shut and boarded up for at least 7 years now but is still there.

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