Deep penetration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wm1965, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. There's going to be a run on sand, cement and gravel at the Tehran B&Q this week end.......

    "How many dumpy bags do you want!!!!!!!?"
  2. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    It's a new technology where they hold an eating competition across the States.

    Step forward the Legion of Lardies, otherwise known to themselves as the Misunderstood.

    Porker manages to beat Bloater, narrowly squeezing down a further 12,000 calories.

    The nation mourns his unexpected death, the passing of a champion, the loss of a legend, etc, etc.

    Boffins squeeze 1 x tiny nuke up his jacksy (a monumental task in itself, just to find the recalcitrant starfish).

    A stealth flight of their new super transporter leaves their secret base at BIAP.

    Two tonnes of grease applied around the edge of the doors and poor old Porker is squeezed out.

    Now I won't bore you with the physics but 1 x Porker x terminal velocity = no problem at all to reach 200 feet down.

    The yanks are particularly pleased because most of tehran's attention will be on the calamitous earthquake.

    Don'cha know.
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  3. I just Googled the title of this thread. There's some sick bastards out there.

  4. Oh joy. Well, if they are going to do it, then they should do it sooner then later. They have been threatening Iran for years, its time to put up or shut up.
  5. And press the button.
  6. Earthquake bomb you say? There's only one way to deliver said weapon!

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  7. Now that is just soooo right. Lucky the Yanks don't have any Lancs so the i.7% will have to find another way to send us to war.
  8. Have just done some independent research to see if I could confirm your results. My god you are right. And some of them are us.
  9. I have been wondering for the last couple of years what reaction the US would face to the use of a tactical nuclear strike on the deepest bunker if they found multiple attempts with the MOP failed.
  10. Quick scroll through

    The Yanks could bomb Iran? OK, fecking do it yesterday
    Jews control US Gov Pol.? And the news is what?

    People. I would suggest it is a given that for some reason Jewish interests control US government policy, just the way it is until someone from the mid west discovers his or her nuts and begins to reconstitute and re-orientate US government policy towards US government policy as it should be, defence of America.

    IMHO, the irreconcilable position of Isreal will be it's own down fall when funding from America is withdrawn as must happen.

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  11. Ha! ....... Even I would not do that. :)
  12. Why o why is the US and their lacky the Telegraph dredging up this old news again?

    5 years ago they claimed Iran had better watch out because they've now got the MOP ready for action, and....

    And if they think Natanz has only 6' of concrete and 33' of earth/sand above, then they'll be disappointed with the results if they're foolish to try anything.... I just hope that mountain is made of jelly too.
  13. This is not the deep penetration I was looking for.
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  14. Actually the Iranians are reportedly rather good with concrete, they've done a fair amount of research and use material that you probably won't get at B&Q or Payless. The US will also need good contruction intelleigence so that they know how many voids a bomb will have to pass through to reach the desired level, bomb fuzes count voids. Lots of scope for cunning deception here.