Deep Heat vs Deep Freeze

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ex_donkey_man, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. After a few years wonderful service (In the past), I seem to have more bloody health problems than gongs.

    One of these lovely problems is to do with arse cheek muscle, mainly having less in the left side than the right, this came from bloody riding school many years ago. This causes the thigh muscle to trap the nerve (as the left arse cheek doesn't have enough muscle to constantly cope witht he pressures on it. Only happens every couple of years but it hurts and drastically slows me down.

    I've used Deep freeze before, rather than Deep heat, mainy due to the smell of deep heat, but the main question is which is better? Or is there actually a difference?

    I only use it so I can stand up straight (which becomes a problem) and then walk around to stretch my back and thigh off. So it's a 10 minute rub on and then good for a couple of hours after I've stretched it off.

  2. Forget all the deeb heat and deep freeze nonsense.....just get a buxom lovely to oil and massage it.
  3. Try Tiger balm works wonders for me!
  4. Tiger Balm is the way foward, get it from Boots, amazing stuff - just don't play any sex games with it! ouch!
  5. Natures Kiss "Hot Stuff"

    canines dooh-dah's
  6. From my experience from rugby, Deep Freeze and Deep Heat serve to do completely separate things.

    Deep Freeze is used to try and stop swellings, lighten knocks "freezes" (cools down) the skin/muscles/tendons etc.

    If you need a good warm up to aid the movement of muscles, then Deep Heat is your friend. Use it to complement a decent rub and stretch routine. Yes it smells, but I guess you just have to put up with it. Under clothes it can barely be detected. Just make sure you wash your hands before you go for a piss.......
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  7. Mmmm Deep Heat, just been applying some after a long run. Doubt it will help the PF but love the smell.
  8. That's mildly erotic!!
  9. I would go for the heat option. My lower back is a particular mess at the moment from long term damage and it responds best to warmth (and super strength opiates that leave me sluring!). My physio informed me that the rule of thumb is warm for old problems, cold for new. However it really comes down to whatever works best for you.

    A good deep tissue massage might also help.
  10. I think deep it is then - Fairmaid, the sight of you rubbing deep heat might be a sensual one, but the smell? Well's that's worse than Grimsby docks!
  11. Deep heat does nothing. It's shite and a gimmick.
  12. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I put my feet in the deep freeze, then the kettle, then back in the freezer again. My toes went black and fell off, so neither worked for me.
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  13. As far as I am aware deep heat is for muscular. Deep freeze is for joints and ligaments.

    Agree however that Tiger Balm is better than deep heat.
  14. white tiger balm did the trick when i tore my calf muscle and still had a lot of miles to tab. think tesco stock it