Deep fried Mars Bar gets battered.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. has to be my favourite bit.

    it does look like she's holding up a battered turd though
  2. I love the way the woman is trying to sound as though she's being oppressed, and then you get the text of the letter, which is a reasonable request couched in perfectly civil language.
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  3. Sounds fair to me.

    They use a trademark in their advertising (Mars) and the trademark owner should have the right to say "We think this is a really stupid idea so don't try and sue us when you keel over with type 2 diabetes".

    At least they didn't go all heavy handed and try to make them stop.
  4. i'd like to see them try. there's not a corporation on this planet that can stop us from eating, smoking and drinking ourselves to death.
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  5. When corporations get all heavy-handed against the little people, it usually ends up as a PR disaster costing millions in advertising to offset.

    Remember McShitburger and those two hippies? Or Colonel Sanders' Deeply Unattractive Chicken and the pub that it tried to browbeat into taking the words 'family feast' off its menu?
  6. Anyone else a bit worried about the ntombezaan in the banner ad on the Scotsman page linked to by the OP? Looks like she's had a masonry drill set to fricassee shoved up her clacker.
  7. I was working for Mickey D's during that clusterfuck,and it was this group of radical crusties handing out leaflets on the street, lawyers obviously said "Scare the shit out of them with a libel action, and it'll be job jobbed." Most of the tiny group (less than a dozen total) gave in at the first whiff of nastiness from Peter Carter-Fuck, but two decided as they had fuck all, they weren't likely to lose a lot.

    History will show the McDonald's won the case, but damages were practically nil, and they had to pay costs, plus they were made to look like a nasty, bullying, vindictive corporation.....and as a wage slave in a mcjob it made my heart sing with gladness! Google "London Greenpeace" (the name of the group - no connection to the global bleeding hearts ) for the full story
  8. McLibel case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  9. “We are also concerned that your products are not in line with .......... a healthy active lifestyle ...."

    Quite agree - who on Earth could move a muscle within a couple of hours of eating one of those things?! ^~
  10. Yellow chippy behind Canterbury Cathedral sold them, once tried not to bad if you have a sweet tooth.
  11. Deep fried Bounty - now that's a delicacy....
  12. Old lovey holding the fried turd is a fucking gilf. I would smash her till her dentures fell out.