(deep breath) need awol advice for a very stressed partner

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sherbertdip, May 11, 2008.

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  1. pls be nice to me its not me thats awol.

    he has been awol for 10mnths and has commited a crime during that time which he is now on remand for (only coz he was awol) he is likely to just get a slap on wrists but what happens now?

    will army pick him up on release?

    and will he go to army prison or be discharged?

    im so confused no one seems to know and we are having a baby

    any advice welcome
  2. Before you start on her, she has been "pointed in this direction" from the cleverheads on RP, who I have already berated.

    Nice comments please.
  3. lol thanks
  5. I think the lack of response is due mainly to the lack of detail, in some cases the civilian courts would hand over a soldier to his unit for military discipline but this is way out of my depth.

    some more detail about the seriousness of the crime may help prompt more response
  6. any idea how long for if he was awol 10mnths - i will tell you something though on his release he will wish he was miles away from me ha
  7. Only the judge can decide that.
  8. What did he do?
  9. He should be handed over to the Army. What happens then will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

    Under what circumstances he went AWOL
    What crime he committed
    Whether the Army wants him to continue to soldier
    Whether he wants to continue to soldier
    His current personal circumstances.

    The outcome could be anything from being told to "Clear off!" to serving time in a military jail and being required to complete his term of service.

    It's between him and the Army. Nobody on here can make more than a biased guess. Sorry if this isn't more helpful.

  10. This is the secord post i have seen you be nice to people, are you feeling ok? or is this part of your master plan to get your name back? :D
  11. I am always nice.
  12. Sluggy gone soft? :(
  13. All depends on the crime and the judge, if it's a petty offence, public disorder for example, the judge would hand him to the army knowing he'll get worse punishment than they can give him, if it's more serious, murder as an extreme case, he wouldn't see the inside of a camp again as the civil court would take precedence.

    edited to add...can you tell we're all dying to know what he did?? :D
  14. ok here goes - his uncle came from hull to visit and is a complete idiot - my partner has gone to the shop with him and bought a packet of crisps - meanwhile his uncle has put on a balaclava and robbed the shop man with a knife - my oh legged it when he realised and seriously (i know you wont believe me) didnt know he was going to do it, it turns out his uncle who he not seen for years has pevious for this and is a raving alcoholic. he is on remand because he has been awol and the judge wouldnt trust him to return to court but after speakng to his solicitor and hearing the shopkeepers statement he will walk because he hasnt done anything.

    pls remember it wasnt me that did anything
  15. in that case it's just the AWOL to deal with, not so bad. well, no as bad as AWOL and Robbery anyway!

    While I was in I saw AWOL guys get sent to Military nick and then soldier on, or just sent to Military nick and kicked out, or just be discharged with no time in Nick so it could go any way. again it all depends on the situation, was he warned for an operational tour, Afgh or Iraq? was he just back from the sandy place?

    like I said earlier, this is out of my depth so I hope someone out there can help you out.