Deemed unfit for military service -- Any way around it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by T-800, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. I've been deemed unfit for military service because I have acid reflux, for which I take medication, and have prolonged -- albeit intermittent -- lower back pain. I've been told I can appeal, but if these conditions make me permanently unsuitable (and the letter from the Medical Officer says they do), what exactly can I do about it?
  2. Get better.
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  3. napier

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    Start a long career as a never-served poster on ARRSE. You will find much mutual support..
  4. You utter twat, I clicked on that link. I'm going to have to edit my registry now.
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  5. What Cloudbuster said
  6. If you have lower back pain, recurring, then it would be difficult for you to deploy & carry the required weight. We (the army) are currently medically discharging people who cannot deploy - we don't know where our next conflict will be, nor what will be required of our soldiers - the replacement of an experienced soldier (medically downgraded) with a recruit who is already medically not fully fit (and likely to get worse given the nature of our job) cannot be justified.

    I'm sorry, but it looks like the Army is not the career for you.
  7. Timble -- I totally appreciate what you're saying. However, I am a trained and qualified gym instructor, as well as personal trainer, specialised in resistance training. I carry heavy weights and run long distances every day. My physical functionality hasn't been and isn't impaired by my medical conditions.
  8. Apart from the load carrying question, doesn't Acid Reflux require continual medication? If so then that fact on its own may bar you from entry, your only recourse would be a medical appeal (unless the MO's letter you mention was the result of the appeal?)

    If it was as far as I know you have run out of options - sorry
  9. Army says different. We could all sit round and suck your cock and say "Well, they should let you in then", but the army isn't like that.

    They've said no, that you can do a different job isn't relevant. A lot of us here would still be serving if it wasn't for injury and/or medical conditions - we just have to take the Army's decision as final
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  10. ScaleyDave -- This was my first letter from the MO. I haven't appealed yet.
  11. Then you can appeal the MO's decision of course, but my advice would be dont hold your breath
  12. Join the cadets as an adult instructor, either that or emigrate to another country where the only medical requirements are two arms, two legs, and a pulse.
  13. So you're out and about taking in the scenery with the rest of your section, your back starts giving you a bit of gyp, never mind, the section will carry your kit for you.

    Gym instructor/personal trainer Walt,

    Sent by semaphore whilst drinking cider.
  14. With a CV like that you look at joining the Armed forces.