Deemed ineligible to hold a Type B commission

I'm an ACF instructor and have been for over a year now. Prior to moving to the UK I served with the Reserve Forces at home so I have a decade of experience. Obviously, as I am working with children I had to pass a CRB check etc before I could become fully involved.

After passing my ITC and SAA course I indicated to the Boss that I was interested in going down the commissioned route as I could contribute more at that level. Any way I got the process started back in January and was given the paper work to complete.

In summary, according to the form being a "fenian" was ok however I had to live in the UK for the previous five years. I fell down here however it stated that this requirement could be waived in certain circumstances. I brought this issue to the attention of the CO who directed the query to the appropriate authority.

In the meantime I attended a Pre Westbury course and was recommended to attend the main board, Happy Days!

As the question over eligibility remained unanswered the CO was reluctant to send me to Westbury without first getting a definitive answer but was confident it was merely a formality, fair enough. I just recieved word that this issue was directed to an SO2 at Land HQ who "followed policy" and refused to grant the waiver.

Given the amount of Irish lads from the south who are joining the Army, both as squaddies and officers, and have never spent a day in the UK the decision in my case hardly seems fair as I'm not joining as a Regular Officer, nor will I be serving as a TA officer.

My CO is taking the matter up, however is there a facility to redress the decision should the chain of command fail?
This is desire to be an officer stuff right?
Second most dangerous thing in the Army? Officer with a map.
Most dangerous thing? Two officers sharing the same map.
What you need to be young man is a, wait for it, Para.
You know you want to
Basically this officer stuff is well overrated, poncy uniform for a start, and the amount of arse sucking you have to do to get anywhere. Whereas being a Tom in the Paras is Gods gift to humanity, you get to go there, you get to see the enemy and you get to kill them and then when you get home you get well arsed with the lads and then do it all over again! Officers have to ask permission every time they have a shit, and killing lots of rag-heads or whoever the flavor of the month might be is sort of fround on, don't ask me i don't know why, i was never an officer. Paras who kill lots of the enemy get promoted, and before you know it you will be a Staff Sargent, this is the rank which is the best ******* rank in the whole ******* Army, its Legend [trust me you wont go wrong]
Majors, Generals, Brigadiers etc which you will never get to be any way, don't actually get the chance to kill anything, and besides which this ares-licking thing is well over-rated
Also if you do owt wrong as an officer you are out, do owt wrong as a tom, 7 days march him out Sargent major, and soldier on. Also if you want to be one of them, you can stay with them for a whole shed load much longer than a Rupert. Not that you will want to, as Pathfinders is a whole lot more fun.
Nuff said get down the recruiting office, tell them Rob sent you, you have made a mistake and you want o be a Tom
Thus in order to kill the nasty wee *******, is to be a non-officer.
Briliant post, well done
It was a ******* gash post though. I'm glad S2R bought it my attention - If Robbeus isn't a 12 year-old, he writes like one.

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